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Updated on January 05, 2009
L.K. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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Hi Ladies! Hoping someone else may have a shared experience. My son developed a rash that started on his belly and back and I thought it was dry skin. Then it appeared on his forehead, arms and legs and has also spread into his scalp. I tried benedryl for his itch. He is also getting two teeth in so I'm not sure if his nose started running because of that but now he does have thick cold-like snot. So maybe a cold but no fever, appetite is fine and he has plenty of energy. Went to doctor and now trying zyrtec but he's still waking at night scratching his forehead and head. I also feel like his lymphnodes swells up but it goes back to "normal". Anyone else have this occur? What helped?

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answers from Cincinnati on

How about Lubriderm or a lotion for sensitive skin. I have a daughter that would wake up at 2 am at the beginning of the school year and beg for lotion. I also changed to Aveeno or you can get whatever has an oatmeal base within the product. It stopped the itch. Be careful with the various soaps from bed, bath and beyond also. I noticed that my daughter's hands break out occassionally from that also.

Good Luck.

J. R.



answers from Cleveland on

Are you sure it's not chicken pox?



answers from Lafayette on

Not sure how old your son is but when my oldest daughter was around 5mo she had a spot come up on her cheek it was red scaley looking and was in a circle. Her pediatrician said it was eczema and just had us use a hydrocortisone cream but that didn't even touch it. She ended up covered in it from nearly head to toe. Her entire trunk was covered she had spots on her face, arms, legs and even diaper area. We took her to a dermatologist, it was indeed eczema and they perscribed her some much stronger creams and gave us all sorts of treatments to do. I do not remember all of them but I do remember coating her in crisco the white grease stuff it smelled sooooo bad. We also happened to be going on vacation at that time (to Texas) so they told us to lay her in the sun for brief amounts of time like no more than 10-15min or something like that. They said even setting her in the sun coming through the windows at home (since it was still cold out) would help. Anyway they said it was hard telling what caused it and she could out grow it but since there is a history of allergies (my husband has them bad) they were not surprised she had it. She hasn't gotten it that bad since, every winter she gets a few spots mostly on her legs and backside most times we are able to use Aveeno un-scented baby lotion and it clears up over night or we use Aquaphor. This year she has it alittle worse than normal and it is not going away quite as easy we have had to use her script a few times. I would suggest getting him to a dermotologist if at all possible it may save you a lot of time and $$ since skin is their specialty and all. A hint, if the dermotologists in your area are like the ones around here they only take patients by referal and probably have a long wait to get an appointment. But... they may have a nurse practitioner that you could get into quicker (ours did) and she (or he I guess) can refer you to the dermotologist and even bring them in to assist her while you are there (ours did). I would get him checked as soon as possible, if his lymphnodes are swollen it could mean an infection. If he is scratching alot he could get a staph infection or other infection from itching and breaking the skin open. Good Luck!



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Did he have a low-fever a couple days ago? Could be roseola. It's highly contagious and totally benign in babies over 4 or 6 months and there's nothing you can do for it until it passes on it's own.



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Have you changed laundry soaps ? or bath soaps ? Rash's can come from about any thing new. Be sure to wash all new clothes before he wears them in a baby wash.New bedding as well.
Teething will make most childrens nose run and then get congested, some times drooling is so bad they need a bib shirt.
For the itch I would try calamine clear, it is used mostly for poison Ivy and such but really help my friends daughter a lot.



answers from Dayton on

Go see April Dunnington in Centerville--she is experienced at this type of thing. Her number is ###-###-####. I bet she would have some good, holistic advice. Good luck!