Rash Around Mouth After Drinking Formula

Updated on August 18, 2012
W.A. asks from Fremont, CA
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My 8 mth old have been fully breastfed. She tried Enfamil a couple of times in the entire 8 months. The last time she tried was maybe 2 months ago. She was fine then.

Anyway she's drinking more now and I can't keep up.
We tried giving her Enfamil twice yesterday, she hardly drank and after feeding, the entire area around her mouth turns red.
We thought we'll switch formula. Today we tried giving her 6oz of Similac. She drank 5 oz and similar reaction. It broke out in rash.

She doesn't seem to show any other symptoms, not throwing up or fussy in any way.

Any mama's have similar experience? Should I change to other formulas, I know for eg Enfamil has a lot of other brands suitable for infants who have issues but hers seems to be only the rash and nothing else.

Thanks mamas!

Note: She's been using the same bottle and nipple. I pumped when I was at work. I didn't think it was the dairy because it's only the rash. I thought they would have more symptoms than that, but I am not sure which is why I am asking.

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answers from Albany on

Maybe a little dairy allergy? Those are milk based formulas, right? Maybe try a soy? Or call the peds office?


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answers from San Antonio on

Perhaps it's the bottle - the material that the nipple is made out of, or it was washed with the sponge that you washed your jalepeno-laden pan with last week ..... Try a brand-new bottle/nipple and see if that helps.

But of course, I'd take the kiddo to the doctor, esp at her age.

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answers from Hartford on

My first thought is not the formula, but the material of the nipple. She couple be allergic to the rubber. Try switching to silicone.

The reason I don't think it's a milk allergy is because it wouldn't be only around her mouth, and I'm assuming you didn't have a dairy-free diet while nursing her. She would have shown signs of a milk allergy while nursing otherwise.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would give her pediatrician a call, it could possibly be the start of a milk allergy. My niece breaks out in a similar rash after eating or drinking dairy. She is 10 now and has grown mostly out of it. She was breastfed and when my SIL started her on formula she broke out in a rash just like your little one. She also would get very gassy and grouchy. Try switching maybe to a soy formula but I'd call her pediatrician to make sure and get the advice of a professional.

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm a peer breastfeeding counselor, and we often see this reaction in babies who are sensitive to cow proteins. Because all traditional formulas are cow-milk based, this is a typical reaction.

It could be, as others suggested, a reaction to a new dish soap, but my instinct says cow's milk sensitivity. You may be surprised by how many babies, kids, and adults have this sensitivity. Some outgrow it, while some have it their entire lives.

Do you want to continue breastfeeding? If so, what signs made you think you aren't producing enough milk? 8-9 months is a notorious age for getting distracted at the breast, which can make it seem as if mom isn't producing enough milk. Feel free to email me [email protected]____.com not, you may want to find an non-allergenic formula, not soy, as soy can cause just as many allergic reactions as cow-based formulas. Good luck :)



answers from Los Angeles on

Try a soy-based formula and see what happens. My son has a severe dairy allergy and the first sign is always a rash around the mouth. A more mild allergy may stop there and not develop other symptoms.



answers from Provo on

Have you changed dish soaps recently?
A latex allergy can come on gradually or with increased exposure. If the nipple has latex, I would consider trying a different bottle.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi there-

Just wanted to encourage you to go back to what worked. I had the same issues going back to work, and also just making time to pump- it's rough!

I used Mother's Milk tea worked to improve breastmilk quantities. It's a twofer, not only are you increasing your liquids, but it also really helps supply. Also, there are also car chargers available, so I would pump during my 45min commute (with handsfree tube-top and Hooter Hider/ Bebe au Lait cover. Worked like a charm!

Best of luck!

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