Rash All over 6 Year Old

Updated on September 19, 2010
E.M. asks from Louisville, KY
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My 6 year old came home from school yesterday with a rash on the back of her legs, elbows and ankles. i rushed her to urgent care and the doctor said she really didnt know but it was prob an allergic reaction. well today it has spread. now its all up and down her arms and legs and bottome of her feet. she says it doesnt hurt and doesnt itch... im so lost on this one!! yesterday it was several large bright red spots now today its more like dots all over. its not chicken pox i can tell... has anyone else had anything like this. the doctor said if she doesnt have trouble breathing then dont worry but its scaring people including me!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Look at the roof of her mouth. It may not be sore, but there might be spots which are a sign of Hand, Foot and Mouth.
Also, the blisters/rash for HFM are bilaterally like mirror images on each side of the body....ex. a bump below the left big toe, and a bump below the right big toe...

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answers from Los Angeles on

When I was in high school I had Scarletina (which is like Scarlet Fever without the fever). It was a rash of little red dots all over my torso. I don't remember it being itchy. It definitely spread as it got worse. I took some antibiotics and was 'quarantined' for 2 days since it's contagious but overall it wasn't too serious. But definitely take her back in to urgent care or the ER.

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answers from San Francisco on


I would take her to the emergency room today. They need to figure out what kind of rash and why she has it-- you said its worse-- you don't want to wait for it to potentially affect her breathing etc. Get her to the hospital now! Hope everything is ok.


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answers from Memphis on

It sounds like she may have what is called Fifths Disease. It's an unexplained rash that usually shows up on the arms and legs and gives the patient a slap face look, red warm cheeks. Here is a link: http://tinyurl.com/39m64g2

It goes around schools quite often, it is contagious but not dangerous. All of my kids have had it & it just runs its course.

I would agree with your doctor. If she's not having issues with breathing it's probably nothing, just one of those strange unexplained things. But a doctor can tell you if it's Fifths Disease.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

It sounds like either Fifths Disease or Hand Foot and Mouth. Has she had a fever? Runny nose? Red cheeks? Sores in her mouth? I would google both, look at the symptoms (they are very similar) and the pictures. Chances are it's just a virus and will have to run it's course. You should keep her home from school and away from other children. You could call your pediatrician and see what they say. It took them about 2 seconds to diagnose my daughter, tell me nothing could be done, and sent me on my way.



answers from Raleigh on

Did you give her benedryl. That won't hurt to give her that and should help with the allergic reaction. If the doctor doesn't think it is something to be worried about, it sounds like you need to use something topical. We have allergic reactions all of the time (my daughter has allergies and asthma) and benedryl is our best friend. good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

I agree with Debi. It may be fifths disease! I am dealing with this myself. My son had fever and a swollen face. He was itchy all over & developed a lacey rash on arms. If exposed to sun or hot water it flares up. Its a horrible virus & unfortunately very common. Look into it. Good luck



answers from Nashville on

Yes!! My daugther at 1 and a half had something similar. Does any one in the family have psoriasis and has she been sick lately. If you are concerned, then take her to a ped. dermo. in your area.



answers from Clarksville on

Have you tried some benedryl? If her rash clears up some you will know it's an allergic reaction to something. If not then it's related to something else. I would steer clear of the ER, they won't know what the rash is and you most likely will waste your time. I would follow the advice of your doctor and not worry about it if your daughter doesn't seem to be bothered by it, she's not having trouble breathing and she's not having other symptoms.

* If it is an allergic reaction, you will just need to troubleshoot what could have caused the rash. Your doctor or ER doctor would most likely do the same.

* Children's Benedryl will help and they have a non-drousy tablet too. For some children, benedryl hypes them up.

* Maybe try letting her sit in the bath...possibly with some oatmeal or epsom salt.

* I would avoid putting any lotion on her body so as not to irritate the rash.

* If it is 5th disease, it will just need to run it's course. There is nothing your doctor will do for her that you can't already do at home.

* Keep your daughter comfortable.

Good luck and keep us posted.



answers from Minneapolis on

Allergies are histimine responses, some natural products we use are anti-histimines. Rashes are usually a signal to some type of overload, be it sugar, stress, chemical, or otherwise. Check out Roseacea and Roseola sites for photos to rule them in/out. The fifth's disease is another possibility.

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answers from Honolulu on

take her to the ER.
It could be anything... and it is getting worse...
so take her to the ER.

Your Pediatrician... really was NOT much help.