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Updated on October 27, 2012
T.C. asks from Detroit, MI
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I hope that you all can help me, because I am pretty miserable! About a month ago a began to break out in this rash. The rash looks like small mosquito bits and a few are located on my abdomen, around my bra line, but most of them are in my groin area...so embarrassing. They itch intensly. Some changes we have made in the last 2 months are that we adopted a 6 month old kitten from a shelter and I have also started running for exercise. My husband doesn't have a rash and neither do my children. I have tried antifungal spray and cream which seems to help some, but I just keep getting it. I have washed my sheets and changed towels everyday. I am thinking it has something to do with the cat. I don't want to get rid of him because the kids adore him, but I hate being miserable!:( Anyone else had any experience with this. Also, I am pretty sure that it is not bed bugs because we haven't traveled in a while. Thanks! :)

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answers from Dallas on

Goodness I don't know. I'm usually pretty good at guessing rashes. I was thinking fungus at first. You did say the anti-fungal helped some. Maybe you need a stronger anti-fungal cream? You can get prescription strength. I'd head to the doc. I'm not thinking it's the cat because if it were the cat, you would have the rash in other areas.

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answers from Detroit on

I'd go to the doctor or urgent care if you can to get a diagnosis.

Something else: Try washing at least your running clothes in free&clear detergent and skip the fabric softener. If you buy a new running outfit or sports bra, wash it before you wear it. Then make sure you change out of your sweaty clothes right away after exercising. If I can't change I at least take off my underwear and bra, which is where most of the sweat seems to collect.

My skin is moderately sensitive. If I accidentally use regular detergent on an occasional load of laundry, it doesn't bother me in my regular clothes, but if I go out running I start itching as soon as I get sweaty -- esp. in the areas you mention.

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answers from Dallas on

Sounds like chiggers. If you have been in a field or on the side of the road that's where they live. They itch like crazy! There is a cream just for them. I think it is chiggerX. Some people think you can smother them by putting fingernail polish on the bites. I feel for you but in time they go away.



answers from Detroit on

It definitely sounds like heat rash to me. I would say that the sweat while running is what's causing it.

I would try 2 things.
1. Put powder on those areas before running.
2. After running, take a shower and make sure you dry those areas very well so there is no moisture left, but don't vigorously rub the areas, gently pat them dry. Then use a cream with a steroid in it to help clear up the rash.

My kids have problems with heat rash in the summer and this sounds like it.



answers from Portland on

I suggest that it's time to go to the doctor for a diagnosis. If it were a fungus the cream/spray would've cleared it up. Also a fungus does not look like bites. It's flaky.

It could be an allergy to your detergent, dryer sheets or body soap. Have you tried using hypoallergenic products?

I doubt very much that it's the cat. You don't hold the cat up to the skin in those areas? The cat could have fleas that get to your skin but not likely in those areas.

If it were bed bugs your husband would also have a rash. They don't discriminate in who they bite.


answers from Washington DC on

One thing that came to mind for me is scabies. they normally hang out under your watch, around your waist band and bra line. Any where warm and dark. They are very itchy. Just a thought since you adopted this kitten and she could have given them to you. is she itchy or have hair loss? It could also be that you are allergic to her. let us know! go to the doc



answers from Detroit on

It's in a heated area of the body. I would say a heat rash till u sad down there you may have to be checked could be a multiple of things like herpies acne um some other thing I would get it looked at could just be a yeast infection watch your yougart intake. Too much no good too little no good. Good luck!



answers from Appleton on

Sounds like hives. Try taking some benedryl liquid. For me it knocks me out so I can only take it when I can sleep. The non-drowsey or daytime antihistimines work but not as well.



answers from Houston on

sounds like jock itch, a fungal infection, try lotrimin, or lamisil.
Yes it could be scabies, but it is not typically in the groin area, usually scabies will affect the shins and lower arms.



answers from Detroit on

How about fleas? Sounds familiar to me. Get some flea powder but get a natural type, not just your run of the mill kind like Sargeant's or something because being a 'baby', kittens are more sensitive to harsh chemicals.

There are books available that deal with pests naturally and safely.
As for your bites, there's hydrocortisone. OR if you know someone who sells Arbonne products, the SeaSource cream is excellent for all sorts of bites and rash.


answers from Grand Rapids on

Know what you mean,they feel like small needles poking into your areas.
My doctor told me that its ingrown hairs and from wearing tight jeans.
Tight jeans,right I wear loose fitting shorts around my home.And for ingrown hairs I have had them most of my adult life....
She gave me 500 mg of keflex,not working, and I have tried Nerosporin.So I dont think its the cat,or flees. So that is a good question.And I am all ears...
Iching down under.


answers from Denver on

I would try to avoid the cat and do some benedyrl but it very well could be the cat.



answers from Grand Rapids on


It could also be contact dermatitis.Which is basically an allergic reaction to what you are wearing.It could the rubber or latex in your running clothes. Try some Hydrocortisone cream. But I would still see your doctor about it. I have had contact dermatitis before and it is not fun.



answers from Detroit on

I am Not trying to to be rude to the other person but bedbugs do sometimes discriminate. They can sometimes just affect one person in the house. But this to me sounds like scabies.

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