Rare Squamous Epithelial Cells Present?

Updated on September 22, 2012
D.L. asks from Jacksonville, NC
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My son was taken to the doctor for an abscess so they did a blood culture on it and on the blood culture is says "Rare Squamous Epithelial cells present", anyone know what that means? Im really not sure what it means and the internet is freaking me out.. just some answers to ease my mind to sleep

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Stop playing Dr. Google!!

Did you get your results directly from the lab without a doctor's explanation?? Could I guess? Sure, I work for a testing laboratory and thank goodness we won't release results directly to patients in my state. Call the physician to go over the results and the treatment moving forward.

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answers from Tulsa on

When DD was 2, she had a couple really dark moles that popped up that had to be removed. I somehow ended up with a copy of the pathology report and all but had my daughter at St. Jude to be treated for Melanoma. That report mentioned all these dire sounding things that to the untrained eye were quite scary. Now, 8 years later, DD is still healthy and happy and those moles? Well, they were rare . . . but rare doesn't necessarily mean bad or deadly. My point is, let the doctors do the diagnosing and stay away from those pathology reports. There's a reason those guys get paid big bucks to interpret that stuff. You can always find something scary to keep you awake on the internet. I learned my lesson . . . and now I leave the diagnosing up to the trained professionals!

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answers from Portland on

This is one of those questions that is best answered by the doctor. Call and ask him what it means. Stop reading off the Internet. No need to scare yourself.

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answers from San Francisco on

If the doctor isn't calling you and insisting that you bring your son in right away, that's a good sign.

Call the dr., and have him/her explain it.

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answers from Washington DC on

I am not sure by your question if the blood culture was done on his blood from his vein or blood drained from the abscess. If it was blood from the abscess there is going to be some necrotic material, dead white blood cells, epithelial cells that have sloughed and are in the material is all normal. If they did not say the rare squamous cells were abnormal then I would not worry. I have a feeling they were looking for MRSA or e. coli and all that other yucky bacteria that need special antibiotics to treat and is commonly present in abscesses.
If the rare squamous cells were found in his actual blood stream then IMO (from experience) they are looking for signs that the infection has spread to his blood stream. I am no one and I know nothing so take what I have said with a grain of salt but try not to stress for him and for yourself until you know more. :)
stay strong and prayers headed your way :)


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answers from Louisville on

did the dr say anything about the results? squamous epi. cells are just flat cells in the skin... call the dr and ask what the next steps are

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