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Updated on October 14, 2011
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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When you're on your period, where do you keep your pads/tampons?

We only have 1 bathroom, and usually I just store my stuff in a small tampon box next to the toilet, out in the open, because anyone who'd ever see it doesn't care.

Our bathroom is set up really weird... the toilet is right next to the shower, with a window behind it, so I can't use the kind of shelves that go over the toilet to hide stuff in.

The only place I really have is under the sink, but it's not within arms reach.

Where do you keep YOUR stuff?

And since I have family and friends coming over later for my daughters birthday, where should I store mine? Is it that big of a deal to leave it next to the toilet? (There's literally maybe a 3 inch gap between the toilet and the wall, you can't really see it, but you also kind of can)... if you went to someone's house and saw it there, would you mind?

Just wondering :)

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answers from Redding on

I always left mine on the counter in reach of the toilet. People should know when you are bleeding so they can be empathetic.
When ever I was at someone's house and saw the plugs out in the open I always thought "aww she's on the rag, bummer"... but that was it.
I explained to my two boys what they were when they were very young, so it didnt bug them to see them sitting there.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

I think with the normal family it's fine, but with company coming over I would stick them under the sink or something. I keep mine in a closet and just grab one before I sit down, but I've also very often kept them next to the toilet too. I think it's totally normal, but would "declutter" for the party.

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answers from La Crosse on

Keep doing it the way you are doing it. If someone see's it, is it that big of a deal that they its that time of the month for you? There is no reason to be mad about it, any female that has gotten thier period knows the drill... any man who has been with a woman also knows the drill....

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answers from St. Louis on

Our sink is across from the toilet so it is just a matter of reaching. I wouldn't leave them out because it would drive me nuts knowing someone could see them. If I went to someone's house and saw them out it wouldn't even register even if I did see them.

I think they fall under a zit, you are the only one who cares but everyone cares when they get a zit.

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answers from Los Angeles on

In the vanity next to the toilet. I pull one out before I sit down. Are yours in a decorative box, or the tampon box? I guess I'm a prude because I don't want to see anyone's personal toiletry products and I don't want anyone seeing mine. I mean, hemorrhoids are a fact of life, too, but the last thing I want to see on a friend's bathroom counter is their Preparation H. You know?

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answers from Washington DC on

hhhmmm...mine were always under the sink.

if I have guests coming over and only have one bathroom, i would put it under the sink and just reach in there when I needed to go to the bathroom to change...

personally? if I went over to someone's house and they were out? It wouldn't bother me...it's a fact of life.

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answers from Columbia on

I don't. I'm a Diva Cup gal! ;o) Just another reason I LOVE it!!

Hope you find a good spot.

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answers from Las Cruces on

We have a shelf in our bathroom above the toliet...& my stash lives there all the time. And I dont care who can see it. Nor do I even notice if anyone else leaves them out.
Maybe leave yours behind the toliet while her friends are there?

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answers from Chicago on

Mine were always all over the place, and they seemed to grow in size whenever I needed to stuff them away. I switched to a menstrual cup (http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/1285963.html) and have no products to "hide" anymore. I LOVE it for so many reasons, and one is that there's nothing to store but a tiny cup! Check it out!

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answers from Philadelphia on

yea i don't think it would bother anyone they're there, although it would bother M. if they were on the floor due to splash off of the toilet...no other place would bother M....i've left them right out in the open always...its the same as leaving toilt paper out in the open

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answers from Detroit on

Well, since you asked ;) I usually keep them back in my bathroom, next to the toilet because the sink is out of reach, but no one sees it. But, this just wasnt working for me, because I didnt have time to go back to my bathroom all the time, I brought them into the guest bath off my kitchen (where I always am) I left them on top of the sink and my husband almost had a heart attack! "Molly!! What if someone needs to use the bathroom!?!? Thats gross!"
I mean, its in a box. Unused. I realize leaving them on top of the sink is a bad idea, but he wouldnt have freaked if they were anywhere in sight. So, I just have to remember to throw the box under the sink when Im done. I keep them in everybathroom under the sink just in case. I just have to grab one before I start doing my business so I dont forget and leave them out and OFFEND someone!

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answers from Dayton on

Lol Grandma T!!!
We only have one bathroom too.
I have always kept them on the floor between the toilet and the wall.
Toss them in the closet when I'm done or we have company I wouldn't want to see. RARE!
That is UNTIL last month when my son discovered the joys of taking them (tampons) and sticking every single one down the air vent.
Now they are sitting on top of our changing table that we use as a shelving unit.
Boys! ;)

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answers from Utica on

I always have it on the back of the toilet when I have my period and then I just pitch the box in the cupboard for the rest of the month

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answers from Savannah on

I leave mine under the sink and just grab one before I sit down. This might be your quick fix solution for the party. Other than that I would find some sort of container that can hide them and put that where you keep your box.

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answers from Dallas on

Downstairs, I bought a decorative basket that fits on back of the toilet; has blue and white stripped material with a pink blow around it; can either keep the lid on or off, but that's where I put my pads/tampons/feminine wipes etc. Upstairs in the bathroom, I have a basket in there too on back of the toilet but I choose to keep the bag of pads on the floor for easy yanking out.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I keep mine in the bottom drawer of the vanity in our main bathroom upstairs. Just gotta grab it when I go in & take about 4 or 5 steps over to the toilet. I also usually have some in my purse so that can be kind of handy when I'm downstairs & use that bathroom.

If I saw pads or tampons out in clear sight in someone elses bathroom, that would strike me as strange. Yes...it's a "fact of life" but we do have *some* modesty about it, right? Sounds like yours are laced pretty discretely out of sight--unless someone is looking for them.

I have a really pretty painted wooden box on the back of the toilet tank that perfectly holds 2 rolls of toilet paper....maybe something like that could work for your stash?

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answers from New York on

Cute question. I had a bathroom set up like the one you are mentioning. I actually purchased some beautiful glass shelves and placed them in front of the window. I just made certain I didn't store too many heavy things on the shelves which worked out well.

I also found some bins from Bed Bath and Beyond which are actually drawers. They come in extra large, large, medium and small. They have different compartments and are stackable. I would place those types of bins under my sink and this would help keep that area better organized.

If I kept my precious supples next to the toilet they would get an all too occassional yellow shower (I'm the only girl in the house with 4 guys). They don't always aim when they shoot and fire. ;-)

Currently I keep my supplies in my bedroom and schelp them to the bathroom when I need them. It's just easier that way. No one is exposed and my supplies are kept safe and hidden. My guys really don't want to see or know anything about any of that stuff. Heehee.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm with Jen P - I keep mine with me at all times during that time of the month, I use a mooncup!

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answers from Houston on

like u.........right out in the open

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answers from Albuquerque on

It never bothered me to see them out at somebody else's house. But, I always kept mine in the closest drawer or cabinet. If that's not an option, the decorative box (next to the toilet or on top) would be a good idea. Since I no longer have a normal period, I took all of my leftover "stash" and put it in plastic boxes (I actually used baby wipe boxes) to store under the sink. I really only use pantyliners now (I have an IUD) and they are in my closet, to change when I get dressed. I guess it just depends on your level of "modesty" and if you think next to the toilet is a "safe" place (they won't get splashed (via shower or potty)...



answers from Norfolk on

Luckily, my vanity under the sink is reachable from the toilet so that is generally where mine are.

In college, we had a similar problem since we had 3-4 girls sharing a bathroom that was between our dorm rooms. We used a decorated box that stayed on the back of the toilet with all of our stuff in it. The guys were clueless unless they opened the box :) LOL.



answers from Minneapolis on

I don't think it's a big deal if they are out. I'd maybe put them in a nice container. I've been in bathrooms where they have been out and handy, just like toilet paper. Someone might someday need one, and be grateful that you have them readily available.

I have a very small bathroom. I keep mine in the medicine chest above the sink. Not reachable while sitting on the toilet, but close. I already have too many things sitting out, on the back of the toilet and on shelves.



answers from Cleveland on

I keep my stuff on my side of the bath room cabnet thing i have a door thats right beside of the toilet that i keep the stuff and when i am on it i put some tampons and panty liners in the drawer bc its too hard to get stuff out of the door when i am trying to change it when my kid is awake



answers from Des Moines on

When I'm having my period, I keep them out on the bathroom counter for quick access. When I'm done, I store them under the sink. If someone were coming over, I'd put them under the sink while they were there. I guess I would find it a little strange to go to someone's house and see them out tho not sure why.



answers from Washington DC on

I have plastic toilet paper/drawer container for just this purpose.
Sterilite maybe, Rubbermaid
I have had it forever. It goes beteen the wall and the toilet, in every house we have lived in it has fit.
The top opens like a bread box but is barely wide enough for toilet paper, I can fit 8 rolls in it, stacked two high. The bottom is a drawer for tampons and pads.



answers from Chicago on

What Sue W said. Put 'em in a nice container!!! I know about the arms reach thing...LOL! I always need one when I don't have it readily available. Luckily we have two indiviual sinks with their own cabinets in our bathroom. I keep mine in there :)

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