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Updated on November 14, 2009
L.M. asks from Irving, TX
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Hello! My baby is eight months old. We haven't bought a diaper changing table. We have just changed him on the bed so far on top of a baby changing pad. I looked at diaper changing tables last night at Babies R Us and liked the look of one that had two roomy shelves below that could store baskets with clothes, supplies, etc in them. We're pretty limited as far as drawer space so the extra shelving seems handy to keep baby items in. However, it would be a waste to buy a diaper changing table now....would it be better to spend the money on a shelving unit (I love the Cameron shelf at Pottery Barn Kids) which we could get longer use out of in his room. I'm not even sure how long a baby stays in diapers? Is there a point where they're still in diapers but too big to change on a changing table? Also, since he has been changed on our queen size bed for eight months, might we have trouble getting him used to a changing table? Your advice is greatly appreciated! What was your experience with changing tables? Thanks! I hope to make a decision this weekend!

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answers from Dallas on

I had a dresser with the changing table top. It was great for a few months, but once they get able to move around, it isn't so practical.
Mine is 24 months and we always just change her on the floor and have since she was about 6 months old.
I wouldn't waste the money.



answers from Dallas on

I used a changing table with my eldest for quite awhile; atleast a year and a half. We had one but didn't use it much at all with the second baby, as it was upstairs & we were usually downstairs. Didn't bother with one this time around & I don't miss it.

I remember really liking it & using it all the time with the first, though. I kept everything I used all the time on the shelves underneath...onesies, extra diapers, powder, socks, etc.

If you have the extra room in your budget & you want to try it out, awesome. Otherwise, I'd go with the shelving that can be used longer.



answers from San Francisco on

My daughter is almost two and I still use her changing table. However, I just have a changing pad on top of her dresser. I think this is a very practical method as it does not cost more.
Another thing to consider is whether you will have more children.
I like my changing station because it is easier on my back, I don't have to bend over to change my babies. I don't think that you will have any trouble switching to a changing table from the bed. In fact, he might like it better. You could always hang some toys from the ceiling that would be fun for him to look at. This way he will stay distracted while you change him.
Hope this helps.



answers from Amarillo on

I wouldn't waste my money on a changing table. We have a desk in my son's room that has a changing pad on top of it and that's what we've used since day 1. I just don't see the point in buying one when you don't use it for very long. When we quit using the changing pad, we will just take it off of his desk, and put a chair under it and viola, he's got a desk to do his coloring & drawing on and homework on when he gets older! It's a much smarter investment.

And you can count on him being in diapers for at least another 2 years. My son will be 3 in March and is starting the potty training process, so you've got lots of diapers in front of you!



answers from Dallas on

My son is nearly 2.5, and I still use his changing table. We also have a 7 month old daughter as well, so we use it for her too. I actually have changing tables in each their rooms (which are upstairs), as well as one downstairs. I found they kept my back from hurting, which was happening when I would try to change my son on our bed when he was first born.
I would recommend looking on Craigslist for a changing table. I found a decent one for $15, and that is the one that is downstairs. We've been using it for over 2 years now, and it does help a lot having the extra shelving. It holds a lot!



answers from Dallas on

I wouldn't invest in a changing table now unless you plan on having another baby soon and then I would just buy a small chest of drawers and put a changing pad on top. Your son will be in diapers for at least another 2 years, but may roll off a changing table if he is very active, even if you are standing right there.



answers from Dallas on

I have a changing table for my son and I love it. he's 18 months old and it's been a life savor for us. All the extra storage has been so useful and when we are done with it in a couple of years I plan on moving it in to a closet to use as shelving or it will go in my craft room for storage. It has so many options when we are done with it. I have tried changing my son on our bed or when at peoples homes but now that he's mobile he wants to crawl around and roll around. Making our diaper changes more exhuausting and lasting a lot longer then need be. When I change him on the changing table he's in a controled environment and he doesn't roll and we get through the process really quickly.

I bought my changing table off Walmart.com and it at the time it had free shipping. It was on sale and cost us less then $100. It was a wise investment for us. And I don't regret us buying it at all.

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