Updated on May 12, 2007
B.A. asks from Fairbury, IL
5 answers

I would love to learn how to quilt and I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that offered lessons?

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answers from Springfield on

The Quilting Shed in Carlinville, Il is a great place to go. It is owned by Sue Ann Barto. Have fun!



answers from Rockford on

I believe that Michaels offers classes for quilting and similar things. Joanne Fabrics or Hancock fabrics also offers classes on a variety of different things. I believe they even offer quilting classes at local community colleges. I also am interested in doing quilting, and have looked into classes. I ended up getting some quilting how to books and they are fine but I only did so much and quit. Good Luck!



answers from Rockford on

I dont know where you are from, but in rockford there is a place called quilters haven. Its off E State. They teach lots of classes from beginers to advanced.



answers from Peoria on

Hey B.! LOL It's Heather! My step-mom goes to some sewing shop in Bloomington and I think they might offer lessons. I am going to see her today and I will ask her for sure and let you know!



answers from Champaign on

Hi B.,
I don't know where you are from but you can look up local classes on line. There are alot of quilters that do classes around the country. ALso, your local PBS station might have a quilting show on TV and they are also a really good source of telling you where classes are. Otherwise, your fabric store should have some info. Our JoAnne's stopped doing classes, but lieke I said there are quilters that tour around and do classes. you might also contact your local quilting guild/club they are usually free to join and the point is to share knowledge with each other and meet other quilters.

I hope this helps, happy quilting...it's fun!

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