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Updated on June 13, 2011
D.B. asks from Spokane, WA
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SO i'm a single mom
at the age of 21
my exhusband did MOST of the COOKING.
I work really late and need some quick recipes so i can get my baby boy fed before he gets to cranky and starts throwing whatever i make him on the floor!

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answers from Chicago on

very easy
Throw meat and vegetables, spices in the morning, on low, a little liquid and all is well later in the day. Who says only the ex can cook?

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answers from Pocatello on

get a children's cookbook... and master the basics if you don't have them... plus a childrens cookbook usually has fairly nutritious recipes for kid "staples" that are EASY like "cheeze-it chicken" and "one-pot spaghetti" (my favorite cookbook for kids is "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Kids in the Kitchen")

Then... Use your days off and plan a cooking frenzy... print out several recipes online (and compile a shopping list) and make Large double and triple batches of freezable recipes portion them into containers just big enough to feed you and the baby, then freeze. During the week, just heat and eat! Make food all day on one day off and if you plan well you could end up with a month of frozen dinners in just one day!

If you only have time to make macaroni and cheeze... toss in some frozen vegetables when you boil the water, and cook them with the pasta. Keep frozen or fresh veggies, around and just "toss them in" to dishes that are winners.

And DON'T tolerate the food throwing (I assume this is the 2 year old)... if you put him in a chair, give him an "appetizer" like some carrots sticks or a handful of crackers while you prepare dinner... but don't get into the food throwing battle! (or the mommy picks it up game) Sure he is cranky... but that doesn't give him a free pass... if the food hits the floor... send him to bed. (or finish eating while he has to sit in the highchair with no food and THEN send him to bed) He probably won't do that more than a couple times before he behaves better. Trust me, if you nip that habit early on you'll thank yourself later!

Good Luck!

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answers from St. Louis on

During weekend go to the grocery store, get many pieces of chicken, pork ribs, and red meat, add the salt or whatever you like on them and grill them. Then freeze them in small sandwich bags or storage bags (depend on how many pieces of each meat you buy you will have for one week, I usually grill for 2 weeks). Cook a big pan of rice, several hard boiled eggs,, and pasta and keep it in the refrigerator for sides dishes, have ground beef also handy for meatballs or just add it to a tomato sauce and serve it with pasta or rice.. Potatoes are also very good idea and easy to cook. Keep fruit handy and whatever salad you like. The grill stuff will help you a lot, I do that all the time and I don't have to think every single day.."What's for dinner?"
I know is work, that's why you have to do it on weekends, but it is so tasty and last many days...I hope this helps !

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answers from Dallas on

scrambled eggs with fruit and maybe carrots: breakfast for dinner.
You can also boil eggs, peel and make something the night before.

Make mac and cheese, let cool and cut into portions. Freeze the portions and you will have several meals to pop in the microwave.

Mini hamburgers are fast.

Buy a whole chicken at the store and feed off it for a few days with different vegies and fruits and breads along with it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

crock pot and trader joes are great.
heres a cute recipe blog



answers from New York on

Check out Trader Joe's. They have a lot of quick and easy things. As I said in another response, they even have microwave pasta. 3 minutes, a jar of sauce, some turkey meatballs, and you are good. Their organic foursome is also good. Throw that in for some veggies.


answers from New York on

I'm not sure if you mean for breakfast or dinner or what. But crockpot recipes are great for kids, they usually like their food soft. Beef stew in the crock pot is a big hit with mine. Yogurt and bananas is another good option. Oatmeal with raisins cooked into it. Hummus and small pieces of pita and carrots. Depending on your sons age, if he is very young, cook the carrots first so they are soft and cut small. Tuna, chicken salad, egg salad. meatballs. Making meals ahead on the weekend is the way to go. I often make 3 meals on the weekend so I only have to cook every other night. I make homemade chicken fingers, my kids love these. chicken and rice and veggie stir fry. meatloaf. chicken noodle soup. Let me know if you are interested in any recipes and which ones you want.

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