Quick! Present for 15 & 17 Yr Old Boys?

Updated on December 22, 2011
❤.M. asks from Santa Monica, CA
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I need something inexpensive to send to my 2 friend's boys.
I need an idea fast.
I have to be able to mail it or email it. ;)
It has to be cheap because I'm out of Christmas money.
I realize it may not get to them on time but they will be okay with that.
I've got everybody else in the family covered (their mom,dad & 2 sisters).
I didn't spend much (it's the thought that counts, right?
They are both into sports: baseball. Help! TIA

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answers from Chicago on

iTunes gift cards - can be used for both music & movies
LOVE the idea of paintball tickets
Batting cage gift cards (if they exist)

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answers from Albany on

My teenage boys would be thrilled with a card with $20 bucks in it. Or even ten. Or even 5.

Itunes gift cards, or BestBuy, or Dick's.

But yeah, cash is the bomb.



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answers from San Francisco on

Gift cards, hat, CD, DVD, movie theater passes

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answers from San Francisco on

Ditto gift cards. Boys that age like food. Any good food places you can get gift cards for?

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answers from Miami on

a 15 and 17 year old want money to get what they want so just get them a gift card.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My standard teenager gift..especially for boys..Best Buy gift cards. Our nephews (4 in the family...the 3 older ones get these from us)...they usually pool them together to get a video game!

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answers from Dallas on

MONEY..... Gift cards. ANY kind.

Most especially if the 17 yr old is driving and responsible for gas!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

iTunes or Amazon gift cards. You can get any amount you want, and you know they're gonna love 'em!

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answers from Dallas on

Go to groupon and put in thier zip code. you will find a bunch of deals near them. You can buy that and it is ready to be emailed as a gift.

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answers from Chicago on

Baseball cards? Even adult sports fans (my husband and his cousin included) love opening up a pack of baseball cards to see if they got a special limited edition card or one of their favorite players. And you can attach a gift card to them too if you want.



answers from New York on

Depending on where they live...
- gift card to Target
- gift card to a local pizza joint
- gift card to the local "gaming" store

Give each one $10 and they'll likely "pool" their resources and go do something together!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Amazon, Best Buy or Gamestop gift cards....even $10 ea. can be used toward the purchase of something cool!

OR McD's Arch cards!


answers from San Antonio on

paintball gift cert to their local painball place?

gift cert to their local batting cages (often mini golf places have it)

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