Quick Costume Ideas for Theme in Son's Kindergarten Class

Updated on September 12, 2011
J.S. asks from McKinney, TX
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My son's school is having a "college week", and among other things this week, one day is "Dress up as what you want to grow up to be..." My son has said a few things like policeman, fireman, etc., but we haven't had any luck finding an affordable/quick costume for this over the weekend (found out about the dress-up day on Friday). He wants to be something completely different for Halloween, of course, so we'd only get the ONE wear out the costume for school. Not to mention, I really don't want send to send him in a "full" costume all day long.

I thought of just suggesting to him that he wear one of his sports shirts/jerseys even though he doesn't really want to be a football player, baseball player, etc. ha. I'm just looking for something cheap, easy, or ideally, something we ALREADY have :)

ETA - Forgot to mention that there is a separate college shirt/jersey day :), but great suggestions so far!

Any thoughts of suggestions?

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all the great suggestions! I think I will hit the Dollar Tree tomorrow for inspiration...don't know how I didn't think about that before :) Will update when we decided on something.

ETA - Well, I think I lucked out. He decided last night he wanted to be a soccer player...we have the shorts, USA soccer jersey, socks and indoor soccer shoes. So, we're all set :)

Thanks again!!!

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answers from Seattle on

Cop in uniform > plainclothes detective with a badge.

Just move him up the foodchain a little bit :) Only need the badge

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answers from Rochester on

Policeman would be easy...does he have any navy slacks with a white dress shirt or blue dress shirt? Even if you had to buy them, you could reuse them for church, etc. Then just make him a badge with tinfoil!

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answers from Chicago on

if he has said police man go to a thrift store and get some blue or black khaki pants and a white or blue button down shirt party or dollar stores have fake plastic police shields that can be attached to his shirt. and fake handcuffs that can be attached to his belt. wala police man is ready to go

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answers from Cleveland on

Have you hit up all your friends for their dress up stuff and old halloween costumes???

Maybe just a badge and hat for policeman, maybe even at at dollar store.
Usually the fire department has cheapy plastic hats they give away when they come to schools. I bet if you called them they would let you have one.

what about a newspaper reporter a press badge and a notebook??

Life guard, white tshirt with what ever the lifeguard logo is ( a cross?) and a whistle.. well maybe not the whistle

i'm sure i've got more, i'll be back if my family allows.

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answers from Redding on

does he have a dress suit, he could be a businessman?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I was going to suggest the sports theme--haha Football jersey, baseball shirt, soccer uniform.....

What about police DETECTIVE? Add a magnifying glass to a business casual look! LOL


answers from Lansing on

Farmer/overalls, military/camouflage, business man polo and dress pants or dress shirt and tie, a tradesman jeans tshirt and tools/tool belt, a professional golfer polo and khakis golf club

If I think of more I will add them

A pilot, blue pants and white shirt maybe that you could color on with a fabric pen to look like a pilot shirt



answers from Dallas on

Not sure if it will work but perhaps you could visit your local Fire Department they might have an old coat he could use for the day. He would not have to leave it on all day.



answers from Washington DC on

Large paper bag, Some stores still have them
then decorate with construction paper

Or go to the police station and tell them, I bet they have all sorts of stuff, the fire station too, usually has plastic hats and badges.


answers from Dover on

Does he have or could you get him a College athletic shirt? It would serve for college week and what he wants to be. If he didn't wear it for Halloween he could still wear it for other hings too.

You could let him dress up and be a business professional.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter has the same week this week :) have you tried the dollar store they always have little kits with something like a badge, etc. In it then he can wear slacks and a blue shirt. He could be a cowboy with jeans and a bandana, I bet you could get some inspiration from the dollar tree :)

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