Quick and Easy Diet Food? Please Help

Updated on August 20, 2007
V.S. asks from Edmond, OK
8 answers

I have been drinking diet shakes, working out and eating sushi I make with whole grain rice (sound yukky I know but its not that bad) and veggie stick and I have lost 5 lbs in a 2 week! problem is I'm getting tired of sushi does anyone know of anything else quick and easy I can make the night before and eat though out the day?

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Hey V.. I have been reading the Eat to Live book by Dr.Fuhrman. I would highly recommend it. Check it out and tell me what u think...good luck :0)



answers from Tulsa on

Hi V.,

My husband and I love to grill. It doesn't take long at all and you can't beat the flavor. You can easily grill some salmon or "skinny" (fat free/skin free) chicken. It is quick on the go, just pop it in the ol' microwave for a moment and you have a healthy fat free entre. We also like to make our own fruit smoothise. We have a juicer. Sounds like you will want to continue to eat healthy. You may want to get one if you don't already have on. We don't use any yogert or sugars. Just the fruit. I hope this helps.




answers from Tulsa on

I would try whole-grain sandwiches...if you don't add the veggies until you eat them, they keep throughout the day pretty well. I always buy broccoli, celery, carrots, etc and cut it up and put it into zippy bags to have on hand for whenever the kids or I are hungry. Really, I guess it would depend on what kind of diet you are trying to do??? Like, is fat ok? Because you can dip anything in ranch and have it taste good. If you are cutting carbs, having prepared chicken or boiled eggs on hand is always helpful.

But, it sounds likie you are at least ok with whole-grains and fish, so maybe whole grain tuna sandwiches, or wraps on whole grain tortillas?

Congrats on the weight loss!



answers from Oklahoma City on

I like to make a salad with either chicken or crab that I toss in the following ingredients:

Baby Spinach leafs
Cut up cucumber
cut up celery
cut up tomato
boiled veggie pasta
meat of choice (small cubes of baked chicken or crab meat)

I make it up ahead of time and keep it in the fridge. When we are ready for a meal, I just add a little of everyones favorite salad dressing on it. My daughter and husband love Ranch on it, but for calorie restrictions I like fat free italian. You can always substitute anything you want in it, but I just threw in my favorite vegetables. My mother made it with shredded carrots and no tomatoes and it was pretty good too. The good thing is its colorful, so its appealing. But for caloric value, its amazing and you get the carbs and vitamins your body needs.



answers from Tulsa on

okay, you need to exercise.......and it sounds like you are depriving your body of very crucial elements it so needs...and if you do this, your body will work against you. it will store fat faster than you can turn your head. it will turn its defense on and start storing anything it can get a hold of. you want to loose weight a healthy way that will actually keep it off, then you need to do a good exercise program, even if it is getting up early in the morning and walking around the block with the child in the stroller for 30 minutes to an hour and then again in the evening. its all about changing your lifestyle....learn how to C. healthier, learn how to eat smaller portion's, things like that.....go join curves, they are a great place........and it only takes about an hour out of your day......drink lots of water. here is another idea.....it works well for my family and helps us keep on track.........we have a pretty good size breakfast, because i have three kids and a husband who works hard, so in the mornings we need a lot more calories to help carry us over till lunch, so we will have a decent size breakfast, and then for lunch, if in the summer, we do sandwiches and fruit, and raw veggies, and if winter, we do a soup and raw veggies, and some fruit, a nice fulfilling lunch that is also healthy, and for dinner......we have a light dinner with lots of milk or orange juice..........because when you sleep, thats when your body works and works, and if you have had a big dinner, and now you are sleeping and you are not working off those calories, what is your body going to do with all that stuff??? its gonna store it.............it takes a while to get used to this, cause dinner is usually the heaviest meal of the day, but changing things around and putting calories in your body at the beginning of the day to work them off throughout the day sounds a lot better to me.......and exercise is always important.....and never ever, try and starve yourself. that never works. and if you are hungry, snack on something like fruit and fresh veggies......or drink a large glass of water.....

there are tons of things out there to snack on to keep you away from all the fatty and greasy things, you just gotta go out and try them........and don't try all the fad diets.....they never work.......you always end up bigger than what you started with....
for healthy recipes, go look at allrecipes.com........they have a pretty good selection.....

good luck...



answers from Tulsa on

Well seasoned grilled chicken breasts sliced over greens. Turkey, lean beef,

I've been cooking out of the America's Test Kitchen Family Cook Book. The meals are well balanced enough that my boys are getting enough nutrients and low fat enough that I'm dropping 2 pounds a week. The book has menus in the back. I avoid the sweets because I have diabetes.



answers from Wichita on

Healthy Choice makes frozen meals that keep you full and taste pretty good. They are fairly economical (about $2 a meal). They are a healthy alternative and low in calorie. I like the salmon and dill pasta. If you're looking for something that's quick and easy to prepare, these meals would work.

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