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Updated on September 03, 2009
A.K. asks from Marquette, MI
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We are heading out on vacation with no access to laundry. So we decided for forgo cloth diapering for the week. I am wondering, though, if anyone has tried G-diapers? Would they be a decent alternative to disposable? How many covers would we get? Are covers sold separately? They are considerably more expensive than a box of disposables for a week, but we could re-use them on another vacation. Any advice? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks! I think you're right. I needed to find out quickly, so I searched old questions on Mamasource and found lots of people that didn't like the g-diapers (leaking, etc) and geez it's only a week. I took the g-diapers back ($50) and got a pack of disposables and wipes ($16). It's the way to go for short term, I think. Thank you!

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Honestly, I would just do disposables for the week. I love my cloth (more than I should probably, lol) but for long-ish vacations without laundry access we just use disposables.



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I personally would go with disposables on vacation as well. I find for those really messy diapers, the G-diapers just can't keep it in and a sink-wash for the cover does not do it at that point. I love the G-diapers but do not use them on vacation! Have fun!



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Everything I have heard is that G-diapers leak...a lot. I have gotten that from many of my customers although I have never tried them myself. Have you thought about just doing prefolds and covers? Not hard to wash...can be done in a sink if you are stuck. There is a good article about traveling with cloth here.

Good luck to you.



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G-diapers are great! I would use them all the time, but my husband hates dealing with the 'mess'. Usually, if you search craigslist, people post online coupons for the everyday pack, which is 4 liners, 4 g diapers (maybe 6?) and some of the absorbent liners. Depending the your accommodations on vacation, you could get by with 4-6 (also depending on how many diapers you typically go through in a day) or less and just wash them in the sink over night. And although they are more expensive, when you are done, you can always resell them, recouping some cost. Good luck!

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