Questions If Some Nursing Supplements Can Cause Gas in Baby

Updated on January 16, 2017
J.P. asks from Yucaipa, CA
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I have a baby boy just about to turn 4 months old, I breastfeed exclusively and we have been dealing with some bad colic. I have read others suggestions for colic on here and the same two answers came up: elimination diet and gripe water. Well, I tried the gripe water but it didn't do much, just like the Mylicon. Before I cut dairy completley out of my diet I first wanted to know if any of the supplements I take to promote healthy lactation could be causing gas in my baby. I take a multi vitamin, Fenugreek capsules, Blessed Thistle, Valerian root, and drink Mother's Milk tea(mostly fennel tea). I already had some worry about the Valerian root (it smells terrible and is a root). I also used to take a fish oil supplement, but stopped in case it was also causing gas in baby. I'd like to take it again if it's not known to cause gas. So if anyone knows anything about supplements causing gas, I'd like to know. Thanks for your time!

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answers from Springfield on

If your baby has gas issues and Babies magic tea worked wonder settling him instantly.



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter had problems with the Mother's Milk tea and the More Milk Plus supplement I was taking (same ingredients as your fenugreek and blessed thistle). Her stool would be green in the afternoon. The pediatrician said that's a sign that something I was eating wasn't agreeing with her and was going through her digestive system too rapidly. I stopped the supplements before I stopped the tea, but she still seemed very gassy until I stopped the tea. Once I stopped the tea, no more green poop.

Remeber, it's natural for them to have some gas. Dr. Oz said on Oprah that we all pass gas around 14 times a day. Your son just doesn't know how to hide it yet!



answers from Los Angeles on

I just read in some parenting mag that you should seep a chamomile tea bag in water, wait for it to cool and add 1-2oz into a bottle, or even a medicine dripper, up to twice a day. I'm sure you are ready to try anything and at least this is natural.



answers from Los Angeles on

Don't rule out the foods you are eating. Your baby may not be tolerant of foods like dairy, spices, etc... Good luck finding the source.



answers from Reno on

Well, I had a VERY colicky baby & NOTHING I did made any difference. I was down to boiled chicken and rice cakes & my baby still cried 24/7. I have had 2 friends that have pretty much said the same. My daughter's pediatrician said that unless I was eating something in complete excess, it wasn't my diet. I do believe that to be true. Gripe water and all of that other stuff did very little for my daughter. Unfortunately, you just have to wait it out. If your son is 4 months old he should be getting ready to turn the corner on the colic. Usually between 3-5 months the symtoms really start to decrease. Rub his tummy clock-wise, try burping him a lot, burp him while he's laying across your legs so he's on his tummy, "bicycle" his legs...... all of these things may help him relieve his gas. Poor little guy. I hope things start to shape up soon.



answers from Los Angeles on

i dont know much about colic but heres a web site that has or colic relief remedies.



answers from Los Angeles on

both my exclusively breastfed boys were colicky and nothing I did helped any until they "outgrew" it at about 5 months old...honestly I think once they can support themselves better by sitting up, it aids their digestion and ghey get over the colic. Hang in there...he'll be over it soon.



answers from Honolulu on

There is something called "Hyland's Colic tabs" it's homeopathic and helps with colic and gas/digestion problems.

My firstborn had a lot of problems with gas...she rarely farted and it caused her a lot of pain. The Hylands' colic tabs really helped her, in our case.

My girl didn't have colic, but gas problems...and it helps them to sleep too.

Here's a link for it:

Good luck,

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