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Updated on November 29, 2007
B.H. asks from Glencoe, MN
4 answers

Hello! I'm throwing my sister a baby shower in a couple of months. I would like to play the 20 questions game where I ask my brother in law the questions and video tape them. Then the party goes have to guess HIS answer. The problem is I can't come up with too many creative questions. Can you help please? Thanks!

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answers from Minneapolis on

You could do some of the questions the last poster put. Also, if you wanted to throw in some nondelivery questions, you could do some more generic ones pertaining to his wife.

What color are her eyes?
What's his wife's favorite.....?
Things like that.



answers from Minneapolis on

I think Debbie's ideas are great - I'd stick to "baby" related questions, otherwise it would be more appropriate for a bridal shower, rather than a baby shower. Have fun!



answers from Omaha on

You might try asking some multiple choice type questions like:

When XXX is in the demanding throws of active labor contractions she's likely to react to the pain by 1) using her breathing techniques, repositioning herself and marshalling her energy to get through it 2) pain? She'll have an epidural 3) digging into her husband arms with her fingernails, cussing, and swearing that she's never doing this again.



answers from Minneapolis on

how about stuff relating to many cm dliated do you need to be before pushing?? what is an epidural?

how many weeks is your wife? how many weeks is considered full time. what has been mom's cravings while pregnant?

What is the color they have picked for baby's room?
What is the exact due date for the baby?
what college will your baby attend??
what are the full names that you have picked out for the baby?
What do you do for a diaper rash?
What is a onesie?

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