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Updated on October 12, 2011
J.M. asks from Atlanta, GA
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Hi there, I am looking into a new venture that is a MLM company and would allow me to work more from home. I am interested in hearing responses from other mom's out there who have worked in multi network companies before or are currently working in them now. I am wondering if you are happy in your job, successful, etc. Or if you have gotten burned, I would love to hear about that as well.


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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of your responses. I did join an MLM and have been extremely happy! I am now working for Vemma. For the past 2.5 years my family has been taking Vemma and loving it, so working for the company was an easy fit. I just had my 3rd child 4 months ago and I have been able to stay at home with her. I love my Vemma team which is filled with a ton of fabulous, inspiring people. I am motivated everyday and the system they have in place actually is so simple. Thank you to all the Mom's out there who also work from home for various other MLMs who encouraged me to do this venture. 2011 is starting out to be a great year! I would love to be able to repay the favor, so if anyone has questions about my experience with Vemma or network marketing, I am happy to share!

[email protected]

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answers from Springfield on

Hello J.,

We are a single family income with three children. When our two youngest ones begin school we would like to homeschool them. So we decided to supplement our income. Here is one that you might like. How about capitalizing from services that you already use. Moreover, you can capitalize from services that others already use. By becoming part of the team in this company you have the benefit of earning income from services that everybody uses. Take a look for yourself.

If you have any questions, e mail me at [email protected]
Hopefully this is appealing to you and will work for you. Best wishes.

I. C



answers from Atlanta on

I personally have been involved in three different MLM companies. The first was Arbonne. Hey they have a wonderful product and I would go to their little meetings and pump up meetings and get really motivated but I personally don't "know" a lot of people. Furthermore most people that I associate with are lot like me in the fact they live paycheck to paycheck. I'm sure some of these people indeed had no problems making it in the business but what I noticed in these women or men were that they already had a big network of people and most people they associated with could afford the product. My "kind" goes to Wal-mart to buy their facial cleansers and yeah they most likely know there is much better stuff out there for their skin but it's the fact they can't afford it and don't have the big network of people to try and sale this product to so that they CAN afford it.
I was also involved in Melaleuca second- again great products and they offer a multitude of products from laundry detergent to make-up. Here again same as the Arbonne though-not enough people in my circle to network to because they can't afford it.
Thirdly and lastly I joined Monavie. Wonderful product and it really did help my twins with their constant constipation issues. However, it got to be way expensive and I couldn't afford it for myself and family. I tried throwing party after party but here again no one within my network can afford to do this stuff. Even if it's beneficial to their health. It all comes down to money and in today's economy with people losing their jobs, etc. it is very rough to get involved in these type of companies right now unless you are in the right circle.
I don't mean to give such negative feedback but I just feel like "Been there-done that" and if someone else approaches me with something like this I really would just like to throw up. I know and understand that there are some that do great at this and CAN do it and CAN make it and HAVE made it, but my personal experience has been I got involved too late, I don't have the "richer" market to approach too-mainly only people that live paycheck to paycheck and IF they could afford it they don't want nothing to do with an MLM or direct marketing company.
I would love to be able to work from home full-time/part-time but it's just not possible for me. So I am stuck in the rat race but I only work part-time so I basically work while my kids are in school and with them when they are not except summers of course but I only work 6 hours a day so it's not like they have that long to wait for me to come home. It's the best of both worlds and I am very fortunate to have a job like I have and I am very thankful for it, but there are days and times I wish I could just stay at home to work. Especially on those days when the kids are sick and I have to call in and because I'm only part-time I don't get paid but that's one of the con's to working part-time-no benefits. Good luck I really wish you sucess-it just never personally happened for me. I don't mean to give negative comments either because you need that "positive" right now but I just felt I should give you my experiences and what I "think" was the reason.



answers from Atlanta on

Hello J., I have been out of the country on vacation. I work with a great company. I can go on and on about this great company. I will let the web sites do the talking and you and others can judge for yourselves, I have been working part-time over 4 years and I have unlimited income opportunities. If you can be home with your kids and earn money at home do it. The other moms know the advantage of being with your young kids, watching them develope and grow. I had no choice but to work 5 days a week and leave my kids with a sitter. I missed so much but we had to eat. You do what you have to do. Moms take a look at and Any questions e-mail me or call 800-972-0478. Good luck Moms.


answers from Spartanburg on

Sorry I am so long to respond but I was traveling with our family this summer and then off to my MLM global conference in ST. Louis. I have been a Shaklee Distributor for about 13 years now and have used the products for almost 25 years. I have 11 children so had not been overly active but was making a modest amount to help pay for the products we wished to use. Now that I have older children I picked it up in earnest about 2 years ago, thought still not full speed ahead as many do. I make a nice little income now and continue to grow in spite of the economy. I have looked at a lot of compensation plans and companies along the journey and have never been persuaded to leave but feel I know a good plan when I see it. I would be happy to look at whatever you are looking into and give you my feedback if you are interested. When my oldest was born I did Discovery Toys (I had to stop when we moved out of the country and DT was not in that country)and later tupperware (I did very well with this and was an executive manager with a tupperware van) so I know some of the other companies as well. I feel from those experiences that you want to sell products that people will reorder every month or two so you don't have to find new customers all the time. I think that what does or does not burn you out is if you have a strong enough why. I think I have done Shaklee for so long because besides the money I do it to help other people gain health and wellness as well as working toward getting people to use green products which helps our earth. Feel free to ask me anything specific. I would be happy to be of any help to you in thsi process that I can!

To your health!




answers from Great Falls on

Hi J.! I have worked with MLM's in the past, they are definitely not for me! I'm not into harassing my friends and family into joining a business! However I did find this great team of women that I am now a part of! Visit my website for free info! we do not sell or carry products, and this is not MLM



answers from Atlanta on

What did you decide to do about working from home?

I work with Melaleuca and have shopped with them for more than 5 years. I have several customers who have done the same. My basic responsibility is opening shopping accounts and then the customers buy the items they want/need. I find that the products are competitively priced and better for us. The supplements are amazing.

Recently the pay plan was changed to allow weekly pay for a portion of the money earned. I'm helping another young mother set up her business and she earned about $200 in a week that was available to her. If you would like to know more, please let me know and I'll be happy to answer any questions for you.




answers from Charleston on


Have you heard of Scentsy "Authentic Wickless Candle"? Extremely safe w/ no wick, soot, lead, or flame. I would highly recommend starting a Scentsy Business! IT has been an amazing opportunity for my family and I.

Our warmers are heated by a 25-watt light bulb in a 2-piece warmer, our candle bars are made of a soft wax packed full of incredible scents. With a burn time of 60-80 hours per Scentsy bar (and sometimes more), over 80 scents to choose from, a wonderful selection of warmers, plus car candles and room sprays, there's something for everyone.

If you are considering a home business, this is a great opportunity for you to get in early with a company that I know will become a household name! We are growing at 300% and at this time we have only 182 consultants in the state of S. Carolina...compared to 8,625 in Texas. We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and since October 1st we are able to sign up consultants in Canada. Ask me about MY SPECIAL for anyone interested in BECOMING a Scentsy Consultant in the month of November! THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO START YOUR SCENTSY BUSINESS...let me show you how!

Have a Scent-Sational Day!

C. Etheredge



answers from Atlanta on

I have researched a number of MLMs over the years and finally worked in one for about six months. I was so excited about it. I attended all the meetings, listened to the conference calls, did a lot of marketing, made calls, etc. I worked and worked and loved it for a while. I never actually made any money, though. In fact, I lost a lot of money. (I found out later that the people up and down the line from me that were all excited about it at the time also lost money.) All of the MLMs I have found sell products for WAY more money than anyone in their right mind would pay. It is hard to find customers willing to pay that much. The way MLM reps make money is by signing up other reps. Basically, they are selling the dream. No one ever makes money by actually selling any products. They just recruit others who have to pay to work for the company and chase the dream. My advice to everyone is to avoid MLMs like the plague. Any time you have to pay to get into a job, you should see that as a huge red flag. I wish I could tell you something more positive because the idea of working from home is so appealing. I stay home with my five children, and I love the idea of making money from home. That's how they get so many people to join. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."



answers from Atlanta on

Hi J.,

I am a mother of four ages 3 to 11, and I am also now a Reg. Nutritional Consultant working for myself for the past year through an organization that focuses on health and nutrition. We represent actually two companies that sell nutritional health products (network marketing). But what sets us apart is that we do healthy cooking classes & seminars in homes, churches,etc.

The main company that we represent is Symmetry Direct which has a line of excellent nutritional products. Their main product is Genesis, a natural health drink that contains Resveratrol (which repairs your cells) and ellagic acid (which stops the growth of & kills cancer cells), plus master antioxidants and herbs. The Genesis not only tasts good, but we have had excellent, consistent results with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. Plus, Symmetry gives you a free website and their is no add'l cost to join as a rep. above the discounted price of the product pkg. (which is only $163). Symmetry is also affilated with a school that offers you the Reg. Nutritional Consultant self-study course.

The other company that we represent allows us to sell a very high quality flaxseed and wheat germ and make a 100% retail profit, while being able to sign up other distributors as well. That company only charges a one-time $30 fee to be a distributor, no monthly quotas, required shipments, etc. Their products are excellent with great great results, and it's a great profit opportunity as well. Also, our cooking classes/seminars incorporate the use of those products in recipes as well. With these two companies we are also able to set up fundraisers at schools and churches, which are great opportunities for these organizations and for your business, esp. since we are offering them healthy alternatives to raise money for their programs. The Symmetry website is (that does not include the flaxseed/wheat germ aspect or the cooking classes, etc.) My email is [email protected] I'd be more than happy to discuss this with you, of course. And the great thing about what we do is that there is no shortage of people that need help with their health (from children with ADHD, diabetes, etc. to seniors). We are able to help them all with a great deal of success, while building a great business at the same time.



answers from Florence on

Hey J.!

Good for you for looking into opportunities to work from home--what an AMAZING blessing it is to be able to do that!

I am a stay at home Mom to my 15 month old son Jacob and I sell a product called Homemade Gourmet. It's a direct sales company and my only regret is that I didn't join sooner! LOL I'm AMAZED at the opportunities it has opened up for me and continues to open up for me. Since I'm my own boss I work at my own pace so I don't get burnt out. If there is a day I don't feel like working--then I don't have to--it's GREAT! So I say go for it! Give it a try and see if it works for you. I think any job that allows you to stay at home with your children and watch them grow is one to look in to. I don't even like to call what I do work--I get paid to party and to eat!
I'm not sure if you already have a company in mind but if you are interested I'd love to give you more info about Homemade Gourmet and what it has to offer and answer any questions you may have. Good luck in your journey and I hope you are able to find something that will allow you to stay at home with your precious angels!!



answers from Atlanta on


Greeting J., my name is M. Muhammad and i am a mom.i work from home. I am a MELALEUCA REP. and i would like to have an appointment with you to show you how you can be successful and have financial wellness with melaleuca. call me ###-###-#### or email me [email protected] see you soon!

M. Muhammad

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