Questions About the Leap Frog Tag Reader and JR Tag Reader

Updated on November 30, 2011
A.G. asks from Dover, NH
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I bought the Tag reader for 2 girls ages 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 and I have a few questions on how its used and about the books. I want to make sure I understand how it works before giving to the father of the girls.

1. On the box it says-now holds 10 books. Does that mean each book has to be loaded onto the pen reader to work? Or is there something in the book that works with the pen reader?

2. Can the Tag JR books be used with the reader for the older kids? I thought I read this somewhere but I can't remember where. I would like to get the younger girl a book more to her age.

I guess thats it for questions for now. I'll update later if I have anymore.
Thank you

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answers from Dover on

1. Yes, you go to the Leap Frog website and personalize the readers (name, age, etc) and load the books. If not, the when you try to "read" the book, the reader will prompt to have you do so.
2. The Tag Jr books can be read by both the regular and Jr pens. The Tag books can NOT be read by the Tag Jr. When using the regular Tag Reader, it will "read" the Jr books like the Tag Jr does (Tag will read each word while Tag Jr reads the page so on a Tag Jr book it reads the page instead of each word).

My daugther loves hers. She used to take the Jr to her daycare and "read" to the babies while the caregiver was fixing their meals. Now that she is almost 5 and starting to read, she loves the regular Tag.

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answers from Champaign on

Exactly what Lynn said,

1. Go the the Leapfrog website and follow the instructions. You have to do this for each pen.

2. The tag readers will read the Tag Jr. books. You have to load those just like the regular books. At the very bottom of the page with all the books on it in teeny, tiny print is a link to the Tag Jr. books.

Our boys love them ... when they remember they have them. I have to remind them sometimes, but they really have fun with them.

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answers from Lake Charles on

I don't know about the Tag Reader, buy my daughter (I think) has the Tag Jr. and it works completely different from what I understand.. The Tag Jr. is like this little dog and the books are sturdy cardboard books.. she loves it. Matter of fact I have to hide it from her on a regular basis.

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answers from Tallahassee on

1. Yes, you do have to download the books onto the Tag reader. You need to hook the Tag reader up to the computer and set up an account and then you should be able to choose which books you want to download.

2. I'm not sure about this one. I think that the Tag reader should be able to be used with the Tag Jr. books. You would just have to download the Tag Jr. books onto the Tag reader.

FYI - just make sure that the girls are taught how to use the Tag reader correctly. If they press down too hard with it it can tear the pages.

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