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Updated on September 22, 2009
M.J. asks from Carol Stream, IL
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My son had some accomodations in grade school and this year he is in middle school. His accomodations were minor - have him sit in the front of the room, give him extra time to write down assignments, check his assignment notebook, give him extra books to keep at home. The teachers followed the recommendations and then towards then end of the year they did not, but there was no difference in his performance, he had great grades.

This year he is in middle school and I have a meeting scheduled and I seriously don't know what to ask for. He can be a little spacey, but I'm not sure how the teachers can help with that. Most of his books are online now, so that's not an issue.

I am concerned that if I say he doesn't need anything, that it will be hard to get help in the future if the need arises. Has anyone been in this situation? Do you have any recommendations?

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So What Happened?

We had our meeting this morning and a few accomodations were put in place. I requested seating in the front of the room, that bigger assignments be broken down into smaller pieces and that the teachers check that he writes down the homework in his assignment notebook. His middle school has edline which provides grades online so you can check your child's status, but many of his teachers do not use it, so I put in a request that they start using it. Thanks everyone for your input!

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It is probably better to have the 504 Plan accommodations in place at the beginning of middle school, due to the transition and the fact that he will have multiple teachers. The 504 Plan can be written listing accommodations that should be used AS NEEDED, so they'll only be implemented if your son is struggling. If you choose to not have a 504 Plan right now, your son will continue to be eligible for one at anytime as long as he continues to have a medical diagnosis (like ADHD.)

Good luck.

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M., maybe rather than saying he doesn't need anything, share his difficulties and what has helped in the past. Have something written up so the teachers know what to do if he does start having difficulty. You son's old enough to also sit in on the meeting and give input. Perhaps you'd like it to be a transition time and just ask the teachers to keep an eye out for certain things. If he doesn't want teachers checking his assignment notebook, then it needs to be done correctly, or they will have to check. I'd still get something in the 504 because middle school is going to be different, and he may need it as he adjusts.

It's great he did so well last year! Sounds like he's figuring out what he needs to do.

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M. does your son have an iep? if so then at the end of the school year there should have been a staffing (teachers, councilors from both gradeschool and middle school) there should have been clear cut goals made up. I would ask that this be done right away. even if all the do is give him a resource time in the day (this is all my son has now in 8th grade) but to just totally drop it off the grid is unacceptable. ask for it soon and do it in writing as they can't blow it off if its in writing according to the illinois state board of eduation guidelines they have 30 days to put it in motion.

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