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Updated on May 14, 2007
K.W. asks from Minneapolis, MN
5 answers

I am SAHM of 3 looking to supplement our income and am interested in doing tutoring. The problem is I dont know how to start this!! Has anyone done this or know how to get started?
I have a resume together, do I go into elementary schools? I have a degree in Christian education, but had babies early on and have stayed home for the past 5 years...
I would appreciate any ideas, even for other job options. Tutoring seemed good b/c it is less time and more $ per hour than childcare, and I love to teach!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Dear K.,
There are several large homeschool co-ops in the area it's a good place to connect with Mom's who feel like a little extra help for their kids from another perspective is needed.
Another place you might try would be community ed or a site I'm going to check called Craig's list (online) good luck I'm working on restablishing myself as well!



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi K., Please check out this great site you will love it, just click below, This is my upline Joe's website:

Thanks, R.

Please email me with any questions about XanGo.



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi K.,

We have used tutor's for one of our sons. I would suggest you contact both public and private schools in your area. In public schools I would talk with the Guidance Department and in Private Schools try to get in touch with a teacher or head master. A resume is perfect but most of all a parent will just want to talk with you about their child and the need for a tutor. In our case, we required a tutor to assist our son with his homework after school because once he came home he was done with the school day. Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I tutored for many years. What ages are you looking to tutor and what subject areas? At the younger ages, people are mostly looking for reading but by middle school there is demand for most every subject including study skills.

I worked out of Breck School in Golden Valley since they had an in-house tutoring program during the school (which was best for my schedule at the time), but I worked with students in their homes during the summer and a limited amount during the school year.

I recommend advertising on Craigslist since it is free. Also contact private schools in your area and ask if they keep a list of recommended tutors for their students or other people who call (all my non-school day students came from public school parents calling Breck for names of possible tutors).

One word of warning, make sure you are paid each session, I have a friend who has been stiffed by kids who say, "oh, I forgot the money" when the parent actually had given them cash.




answers from Appleton on

I have not tutored but I would think contacting teachers of students who are in grade you would like to tutor for/with would be a start. Check with your local christian schools and teachers as they could be a good reference.

You also mentioned other job oportunities. I sell AtHome America Products. I can pick my hours around other family activities and choose if I want to make $20 - $40/hour doing this. You can start for FREE and not only earn income but also homewares. In May, our homestyle specialist can earn both their year round studio kit ($450) and our fall/holiday kit ($200) for FREE. Since you enjoy working with people, I would think this would be a good fit. You can even earn a home computer for yourself or your family to use.

The other neat thing is that they are quality products and they have great rewards for hostesses to earn FREE and discounted products. So it is win/win situation all the way around. Win for you in earning money, Win for your family that you are available. If you want to discuss this, see my ad in the business section--just to explore.

Our mission statement and our values are centered around God, family and then work.

Just a thought!

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