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Updated on September 01, 2010
S.A. asks from Layton, UT
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Hey Mamas!
I have seen somewhere (although I can't remember exactly where) a list of questions for a teacher to answer. My daughter's first day of Kindergarten is today and when we went to orientation, there were a few questions that her teacher asked the kids to help get to know them better. (The only 2 questions I can remember...What is your favorite color? And... What do you like to do for fun?) I was wondering if any of you have seen a similar questionaire (or know of appropriate questions) for my daughter to ask her teacher to get to know her better. I also thought that if we knew her a little better, we'd be better able to pick out Christmas & end of year teacher presents. Thanks in advance for all your help!


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answers from Atlanta on

As long as your daughter is just asking these herself and you're not supplying a list for the teacher to fill out, I think that's good. Remember, teachers -especially at the beginning of the year -are overwhelmed with paperwork and tasks to accomplish! If your daughter is just asking though -that would be nice. Maybe, what's your favorite treat? Do you like to go to movies? What was your favorite book when you were a kid?

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When my daughter was in elementary school some of the parents put a questionaire together in the late fall asking their child's grade school teacher about her favorite things, like restaurants, stores she like to shop at, if she likes movies, if she enjoys reading, any hobbies she has. Then we asked the teacher to complete it and give it bk to the home room Mom. It was distributed to all interested families with her responses; those interested purchased gift cards from her favorite places and it was made into a gift card basket for her for the x-mas holiday and then again as a thank you at the end of the yr. She liked them so much and was overcome with the thought put into the gift.

As for a question, maybe does she have any pets? Where was she born?
Does she have any children? What is her favorite food etc.

If you and some other parents want to do the giftcard basket you may want to wait a few months to give her the favorite places/ interests questionaire,
I bet her 1st few wks of school with a new class are busy. Hope this helps

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At my kids school the teacher have sent a bio home with the kids the first day of school, or even at meet the teacher night that sheet is included. I've also seen poster boards a couple of the years that the teachers have done up of themselves.
Our PTA puts a teachers favorite list out in the begining of the year which includes favorite: restraunts, stores, magazines, things to do, candy, snack, drink, scent, ect. That really helps with birthday, christmas, and end of the year gifts/treats for the teachers.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I wouldn't ask a lot..........

Does she have kids of her own....
Does she collect, figurines, etc...
What is her favorite color
What are hobbies.....

Take care and have a great day...

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answers from Provo on

For both kindergarten last year and first grade this year, one thing that I have done is set up a parent teacher conference, separate from the regular parent teacher conferences. It can still be about your daughter. I would set it up after the first couple of weeks just to see how things are going. You can find out how your daughter is doing academically and behaviorly; in addition, find out enough about the teacher that would help you trust that the teacher will take good care of you child. Also many teachers welcome the parent's to meet with them on their schedule of course. The teachers also like knowing that you as a parent will be there to help and support the teacher and her classroom. This was one reason I met with my daughter's teacher last year. At first, I just wanted to pull my daughter from this teacher's classroom, but after the meeting I was able to trust the teacher's judgements. It also helped the teacher know we were supportive of our daughter. My daughter then had a wonderful year of kindergarten. Good luck



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How about asking her over for dinner? And, in my experience, teachers need things for the classroom as gifts, not trinkets that clutter up their homes. Especially in these days of budget cuts. I work in a school, and we don't even have pens or copy paper...those need to come from the parents. My kids school has us supply the tylenol for the health office. Gift cards are good too. Good luck!



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Hi S. - my kids' teachers have all sent a letter to the students telling them a little about themselves, their families and their interests. It definitely helps to know a little something about the teacher. With that said, I would be cautious about asking too many questions or making it time consuming. One thing teachers, even kinder teachers, are always short on is time. Teaching is a very time consuming career and many many hours are spent working outside of the classroom

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