Question While on Antibiotics for My 7 Year Old (Possible TMI for Some)

Updated on March 07, 2012
C.M. asks from Harpers Ferry, WV
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Hi. So, some of you remember last week I posted about my daughter having a fever of 103. It went up to 104.4, called the dr. and they said to wait it out over night with tylenol and come in first thing in the morning. So we did. THey couldn't find anything wrong, so they sent us home saying it's just a virus. Day 5 of fever at 103. Talked to the dr. again and she sent us to the ER for a chest X ray. Turns out, she has pnuemonia (SP?). They put her on IV antibiotics and sent us home after about 3 hours. She is on oral antibiotics now and we have a follow up appointment tomorrow. The problem is that the antibiotics are making her have the runs. Every time she coughs she has to go change her underwear because she leaks from behind. We are going through about 5-6 pairs of underwear a day. She is only on the 2nd day of it and has 8 more days to go. I have been giving her double the probiotics 2 hours after she takes the antibiotics like her dr. said and I have been giving her yogurt. I'm going to talk to the dr. about this tomorrow, but what else can I do? She is so uncomfortable because of this. I just feel so bad for her.

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So What Happened?

So, I woke up with the stomach flu. I've been hugging the porclen (SP?) throne all day :(. My husband is at the dr. with her right now. She is on omnicef antibiotic. THe dr. sent her for an X ray because she still had a fever for 5 days. They said when it's a virus it usually doesn't last that long. At the ER her temp. was 103. Even yesterday after being on antibiotics for 2 days, she still has a fever of 102. Hoping my husband will come home with some answers or better news. Thanks!

thanks for the advice. I am giving her lots of probiotics, I gave her one of my panty liners for tonight and I will talk to the dr. about it tomorrow when we have our appointment. She is sleeping now, so I think for her breakfast I will have her eat some toast and a banana. Thanks! I just hope she starts to feel better soon :(

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answers from Lima on

Looks like you already got responses but I will put my 2 cents in. Bananas are always great. My dr always said it helps to bind them up more. BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast). Good luck.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

I would maybe have her try to wear a small panty liner? At least it would protect her undies in the meantime.....

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The B.R.A.T. diet. Bananas, rice, apple sauce, and (dry) toast. Perhaps have her wear pads so she can just change that instead of her underwear each time.

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answers from Chicago on

Brat diet !
A very starchy diet, rice cakes, chex rice cereal, bread, toast
Stay hydrated! Chicken broth with noodles, half Gatorade half water

no excess sugar or fats, no chicken nuggets
I'd skip the yogurt until she is a little better
Stay with the bland diet for 24 hrs after then slowly get back to normal

We are currently in the throws of a gastro bug so I feel you pain!

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answers from Dallas on

This must be tough for your daughter and you. I don't have any expert advise to give you, but wanted to send my sympathies and a hug to your daughter and one to you for being such a caring mom. Maybe there will be some kind of foods your daughter can take that will help firm her stools? I hope everything goes well tonight and your doctor is able to help your daughter in the morning.

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answers from Norfolk on

I should have responded to your question last week, because I thought of pneumonia after you described her symptoms. My daughter had pneumonia when she was four. She had a very occasional cough, a low grade fever and a headache. I thought she was just spinning on the tire swing at pre-school to much. But she would spike a fever of 103 in the evening and sort of pass out. The third time she spiked the fever I decided to take her to the doctor. Fortunately, the DD coughed while at the doctor and the nurse heard her. We went of the to the radiologist and even I could see the pneumonia in her lungs. Bear in mind, she just coughed occasionally, not enough to make you suspicious.

It's possible that your daughter picked up your stomach bug, and if it's a virus, the antibiotics won't help it. Make sure she stays hydrated. Sometimes all you can do is wait for it to pass (so to speak) because your body is trying to get rid of the invading species. Ask the doctor about mixing the antidiarrheal medicine with the antiboitic. And getting an antibiotic IV is a big deal, because her systom got flooded with the medicine, rather than having it pass through her intestines when taken orally.

I hope everybody feels better at your house. Can she eat eggs? And no matter what anyone says, sometimes all you can eat is ice cream sandwiches; thought toast is comforting, too. Broth? Chicken soup (the real Jewish deal) that your husband can purchase somewhere? I know you aren't going to be up to making homemade. In Virginia Beach we are blessed with the Jewish Mother restaurant and you can get the chicken soup (with matzoh balls) to go for just such occasions, or just because it's darn good soup!



answers from Fort Wayne on

get her on PROBIOTICS ASAP!!!!! Go to vit shoppe or GNC and get the chewable asiodophilis (sp) you get like 100 for $10. she needs it big time it will help keep her tummy and intestines balanced giev her 1 3x a day it will help out.



answers from Washington DC on

Don't know if anyone said this yet but yogurt or Culturelle for kids. My daughter gets bad diarhea with antibiotics and that is what my doctor told me to use. It makes a difference.


answers from Houston on

I am so sorry for your daughter and you!! My son who is four had an allergic type reaction to a medication and got what he calls, 'the squirts' :) We got some of these potty training underpants for him to wear. They made them in s, m, and L, so I am sure they probably come in her size. We called them 'the potty sickness underpants' bc I did not want him to think wearing was like a diaper, even though it kind of was! But it gave him assurance that if he didn't make it to the restroom he was ok. We just let him wear them until he recovered and hadn't had an incident in a while. It is traumatic to go in underwear, he was much more at ease in these underpants. So you could talk to her about using the special 'potty sickness underpants' so she wouldn't have to worry about it a little slipping out, and just reassure her it is a totally temporary thing. Good luck and hope your little girl feels better soon!!



answers from Phoenix on

Sorry to hear about your daughter. Lots of kids have this kind of reaction to medicines. My remedy - I swear this works 100% of the time - is to drink Chocolate Soy Milk. (I usually get the brand called Silk). It tastes just like regular chocolate milk. I have no idea exactly how it works...I have no idea if the company knows of the products 'capabilities'. ;-) I just know that whenever I or my husband or our kids have an upset stomach/diarrhea, 1-3 glasses of this cures it. The Vanilla flavor or Plain doesn't do it. It has to be Chocolate.
*be warned that too much (say... more than 4 glasses a day) will cause constipation* :-)



answers from Jacksonville on

French fries (or anything starchy like that) is good for the runs too. The starch helps bulb up the stool which in turn makes it more solid.

Good luck and I hope she feels better soon!



answers from Boston on

Poor little one! And poor mama!

Make sure she has food in her stomach when she takes her antibiotics. I'd add some bananas and some cheese to her diet -- whatever might be binding foods.

BTW -- chances are good she 'll adapt a bit as her body gets used to the medication. May not totally go away, but should lessen around day 3 or 4.

Hug to both of you!



answers from Milwaukee on

I'm sorry you and your daughter are going through this. I guess my question for you is why did they send her for a chest xray? Was she coughing real bad? Only reason I ask is because my 4 yr old as well had a 103.7,104 fever for 4 and 1/2 days, swollen lymph nodes, cough, runny nose. My dr's office as well told me to wait the 3day rule, waited brought her in, said just something viral. Fever finally broke day 5, still had a runny nose and was still congested, this was 3 and 1/2 wks ago and today wakes up with runny nose and fever AGAIN! Brought her in and dr said to put her on antibiotics for sinuitis. I didn't even really know what that is. But I know I can't believe we are going through this fever and illness again or that it never went away.



answers from Pittsfield on

It might be a good idea to call the doctor in the morning. Not always, but sometimes severe runs when antibiotics are used- or after they've been used- can be caused by c-diff. It might be a good idea to rule that out. If that's what she has, she needs a different medication. Here's some information:
I hope she feels better soon!!



answers from Seattle on

5 things come to mind:

1) Is she on Clindamycin? That one is a rocking antibiotic (heavy hitter for pneumonia) but it's well known to be hard on the stomach. Even if it's not Clinda... certain antibiotics are just hard for certain people. If there is a severe side effect a DIFFERNT antibiotic can USUALLY be switched to. Just alk with your doctor and let them know how hard the antibiotic is hitting your daughter and see if there is a different one that would be as effective that you might switch to.

2) Cdiff - ha! Someone already explained this one. Again, just check with your doc tomorrow to see if they've done a cdiff test, and if not, if they would run it. Easy test.

3) NO CALCIUM!!! unless your pharmacist said calcium is okay (dairy, soymilk, spinach, etc. AND multivitamins that have calcium in them need to be avoided when you're taking most antibiotics) Calcium binds to the active ingredient in many/most antibiotics rendering the antibiotic useless AND when they bind, they tend to trigger either diahrreah or constipation depending on your your system deals with things you can't digest. Some people get explosive diahrrea, other people plug like a cork.

4) Anti diahrreah medicine (esp if she's on a bacteria specific antibiotic / shouldn't be switched off)



answers from Norfolk on

Hi, C.:

Did you call the Doc and tell him this?

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