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Updated on November 11, 2010
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
9 answers

Just curious which month your baby reached these developmental milestones.

1.Rolling Over

I know all babies are different and baby girls generally do things earlier than boys.Do you have a boy/gril? Also what was your due date and your baby's birth date. It think it depends on how soon or late they are born too.

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answers from Columbus on

Mine had delays, and it was frankly so long ago I could not begin to tell you, but I wanted to put something out there for you, becuase is can be very damaging to a youngster with a delay if Moms beleive that girls and boys have different milestone expectations. They have identical expectaions for all these milestones, and though many moms beleive that there is a difference, I want to restate it, just so no mother ever waits on getting an evaluation that her child may need becase she mistakenly thinks that boys develop more slowly. They don't in the normative standards.

Never wait on development, if you get an evaluation you don't need, it is far better than not getting one that you do.


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answers from New York on

What to Expect the First Year and What to expect the Toddler year are great books. You can read the month where your child is and it will talk about general milestones for that month.

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answers from Honolulu on

Um no, it doesn't matter when in the year they were born.
I have both a girl and a boy.
Both my kids were born earlier than my actual due date.

My kids:
1) 5 months
2) 5 months
3) 6 months
4) 8-9 months (for pulling up & standing)
5) 12 months
6) 6 months
7) 1 year old (my son was later).

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answers from Austin on

Just curious which month your baby reached these developmental milestones.
Our daughter was 3 weeks early.. She did not even have footprints!

1.Rolling Over ~4 weeks both directions
2.Sitting ~ 8weeks
3.Crawling` Really never crawled but scooted 3 months
4.Standing~ on her own 4 months
5.Walking ` on her own 6 months.
6.Teething ~ 8 weeks
7.Talking ~ 9 months by 12 months 3 and 4 word sentences.

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answers from Minneapolis on

First girl, born 3 weeks before due turning 3 years old
1. rolling: 5 months old
2. sitting: 6 months old
3. crawling: 12 months old
4. standing: 14 months old
5. walking: 16 months old
6. teething: first two at 9 months old, 7 more at 12 months
7. talking: 16-18 months, knew all letters, shapes, colors and could count to 13 by 21 months
8. Not potty trained----suspect connection to delay in gross motor skills

Second girl born 2 days before due date now 6.5 months old
1. rolling: 4 months
2. sitting: 6 months
3, 4, 5, 7. not yet
6. teething: two bottom 4 months


answers from Los Angeles on

My baby girl was born at 36 weeks.
Rolling over - about 2/4 weeks (she had no fat and could twist and roll)
Sitting - 6/7 months
Standing - 8 months
Crawling - 11 months (and not very well)
Walking - 12 months exactly
Teething - 6 months (2 at once and kept going from there)
Talking - She says about 10 words and she's 20 months. Her first MAMOM (what she calls M.) and DADA was at around 10 months.



answers from Tulsa on

rolling over about 3 months on both boys
sitting close to 6 months both boys
crawling 6 months both boys
walking 14 months both boys
standing about9 months both boys
teething 2 months on the youngest and 4 months on the oldest.
talking 2 1/2 on one one still doesnt really talk and he is 2 1/2 . he is more delayed than his brother. both boys were 3 weeks early according to due date one was 7lbs 11oz one was 7 lbs and 10 oz i think you will find your theroy on how late or soon they are born wont effect the answers. :)



answers from Dallas on

My son was born 3 days, before my due date. I haven't noticed my son doing anything later then girls, myself.

1. 3 months
2. 5 months
3. 4 months
4. 7 months pulling up and holding on to something, 10 months unassisted
5. 1 year
6. started at 3 months, his 2 molars are almost all the way through now, at 18 months.
7. Said mama and dada at around 9 months. Has been talking some ever since, but really hit a language explosion the past 2 weeks.



answers from Boise on

I was actually told that boys are faster physically, girls verbally, and that first and second makes a difference too, since the second doesn't get as much time as the first did.
1. Rolling - 3 months
2. Sitting - 6 months
3 Commando crawling - 10 months
4. Standing - 10 months?
5. Walking one year
6. First tooth 6 months, teething 5 months
7. I'd have to look that up. I think first meaningful was 11 months?

1. Rolling - 6 months
2. not yet
3. not yet
4. not yet
5. not yet
6. First tooth - 6 months, teething 3.5 months with a wonky tooth that hasn't broken through yet.
7. not yet.

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