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Updated on January 16, 2009
H.M. asks from Peoria, AZ
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My husband just started his own business and so we need to buy health insurance for ourselves and our 3 daughters. I have always heard horror stories of trying to buy medical insurance but I went on and found a great plan by humana. It is only $186.00 per month for all of us. It has a $7500 deductible, 0%coinsurance and $300 per person in preventative care per year. I realize this wouldn't cover regular doctor visits at all but it still seems too good to be true. We really want to make sure we're covered in sesrious emergencies. I'd love some advice from any of you who may know more about private health insurance for the pitfalls I should be looking for. Thanks!

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We also have Assurant with a $2000 deductible for $330/month. I am married with two kids. If you add up an average year in what the deductible would cost, you can see if paying more per month would save you or would cost you more. It sounds to me like you have a good deal. We also had to wait 6 months when we first switched over to have any preventative care...

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Hi H., I can totally relate to your situation. I quit my job (that had top notch benefits) to be a SAHM. Well, let's just say that my hubby's health insurance was not so top notch. We ended up finding a plan through a local independent agent with a company called American Community. It's 279.00 per month for a family of 3, with a 5k deductible. You can adjust your monthly payment depending on what deductible you want, though. The plan includes a lot that others don't - preventive office visits and sick office visits only require a copay, there's a free yearly visual exam, accident & injuries only incur a $100 copay. There's more but I can't remember it all right now. I considered Assurant but this plan had so much more and was the right fit for us. I can send you my agent's phone # if you'd like it. Good luck!

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That sounds like a huge deductible to me. It sounds very too good to be true to me, even with that. My husband and I with one child had Assurant for a while...about 315 a month but 2,000 deductible. I thought that was pretty good.

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We also have a small business, and with fewer than 20 employees you can't get a group rate. It is difficult to find good coverage for a family. We have a great guy we get insurance through for our family as well as for our employees. He is good at finding the best match for you. He is a Certified Health Specialist. I highly recommend him. His name is Bill Cutler ####-###-####. (if this phone number isn't right, let me know. I don't have his newer card here at home) We were able to get a BC/BS policy through him for our family, but BC/BS has really increased their rates a lot , so now he is checking into other options for us. I agree with the others that the deductible you mentioned sounds really high. I wish you luck in finding a policy that fits your needs.


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BCBS has Blue select at $2500 dedcuct for $402 a month. Copays are $30 a dr. visit and perscriptions are $15. not bad for a family of 4...maybe higher for an extra child.
Have you looked into Health Saving Plans ? That is a great option as well.


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I am learning mamasource. I am a health Insurance agent , independent, so can assist you to shop. K. ###-###-####
H. how do I have a private conversation? please contact me. [email protected]



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You can always check into cigna plans too. I had my daughter on her own plan while in between jobs and it was approx. $80 per month. Just a thought :)

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