Question for Those Who Have Had a Ruptured Ectopic

Updated on March 26, 2009
L.S. asks from Frisco, TX
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I just suffered an ectopic pregnancy about a week and a half ago and am still recovering physically and mentally. My left tube was removed but both ovaries were saved along with my right tube. My doctor said that my right tube is "in perfect condition and looks beautiful". Although she said this I am still really paranoid that something is wrong with my right tube. I keep hearing about a procedure called an HSG which will determine if the tube is functioning properly, but do I really need to have this done seeing as though the doctor did an exploratory laparoscopic on that tube when she was removing the left one? Also, for anyone who has had a similar experience - were you able to conceive again without any problems or without having to have the HSG procedure?
Thanks in advance for any replies!

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answers from Dallas on

My heart goes out to you. Every situation is different but I too had the same thing at 8 weeks. Lost my right tube. Guess what I am 4 months pregnant. You have every right to be scared. I actually concieved my daughter , (who is 19 months) after my tubal pregancy. She will now be a big sister in Sept. I had no trouble getting pregnant after my tubal. Jsut let yourself heal mentally and physically. My doctor told me a removal of an ectopic and your tube is harder than a c-section. (on the body) We waited 9 months but that is up to you. It was so scary going into both and seeing the first sonogram to make sure everything was right but GOd has a plan and we may not understand it but in the end we have to trust what is meant to be will be. Make sure when you do get pregnant you tell your doctor right away so he can do an early sonogram to make sure everything is in place this time. Mine did it both times at 6 weeks.. best of luck and I will answer anything else I can help with..



answers from Dallas on

Hi L.

The mentally recovering took me a lot longer then I expected - several months. I had a ruptured tube that was removed in 2002. They were not able to assess my other tube laparoscopically as planned because they found endiometriosis (sp?) and my abdomin full of blood so they did what they had to do and got out. I don't know what HSG is but if it's the dye up the other tube then I had it a couple of months later.. ( I was already 35 and the doctors didn't want me to waste anymore time - we'd been trying for about 1 1/2 years). You have to wait after the preceedure to get pregnant - I can't remember if it was one cycle or more, anyway we got pregnant that month... and now he is a beautiful 5 1/2 year old. & my gorgeous daughter is 3 1/2. Apparantly once your body knows how to do it it's easier the next time. And the body is so clever it begins to ovulate every month almost instantly.. I'm very glad I did the dye - I think it depends on how long you have been trying and your age as to whether or not to do it. My thoughts are with you.



answers from Dallas on

Dear L.,

You and I are identical in your condition. In 2004 I too suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy with the end result being the removal of left tube. My ovary too, was saved so that I have both but only the right one is connected. If your Doctor told you the right one is fine and took a look at it during exploratory surgery then they're probably right. Did they by any chance squirt any dye through it to see if it exited the other end? I think that's what HSG is but I would hesitate to do anything extra following the surgery you just had since you don't want to have your body respond with scar tissue which could potentially cut off your right tube.

It is something you MUST discuss in detail with your OB/GYN to know everything you need to. Your GYN Doctor will get the records of your surgery and know what is or is not needed and go with the advice you are given as long as your doctor is not DR. LUX. This man has the WORSTE bedside manner I've EVER come across in a doctor and if I'd not been forced to hold things together for the sake of a young child witnessing a followup exam-I would have let this doctor have it. Moving on...

My first child, now 6, was a miracle following laparoscopic surgery for SEVERE endometriosis. I now know that she came from my right ovary and tube. I have miscarried many times but the ectopic pregnancy was extremely upsetting as I'm sure you know already so I won't get into that except to say that I also endured Methotrexate (chemo) and two rounds of it when we first discovered the ectopic pregnancy since it was caught earlier than most. When that failed and I ruptured anyway 2 weeks later than I underwent the same surgery as you.

If I'd known how badly my left tube was blocked I wouldn't have bothered with the chemo at all as it had it's own slew of effects that STILL plague me.

Because of BOTH of those two things my odds of concieving again were so very low that my OB cautioned me about getting my hopes up. He suggested speaking with fertility experts and suggested we look into IN VITRO or Adoption in the future. There had been Endometriosis from the first laparoscopic surgery years before that could not be reached-I had lesions all over. I grew lots of scar tissue as well.

My right tube was checked but was declared clear. Like you, I was terrifed of having another. The pain, grief and struggle afterwards are not something I'd wish on my worste enemy. I also had to wait an additional 5 months before trying to allow the chemo to work out of my system. They actually told me 3 months but it seemed safer to wait even longer.

With all these odds against me I managed to concieve again that fall with the result being a 9lb 15oz perfectly healthy in every way baby girl. She'll be 4 in June.

Take Heart! Your options are NOT limited. Trust your OB/GYN. They generally DO NOT give you false hope and typcially tell you realistically what to expect. I've had miscarriages since this birth but know it is not due to fallopian tube troubles but more likely related to hormonal imbalance which I have to correct before I can even endure a healthy pregnancy.

You didn't mention a trouble with that or endometriosis in the past so your odds sound WAY better than mine were and yet I ended up with 2 children who are by all accounts miracles. If I can get 2 miracles then I'm sure you can too!

Blessings to you-S.


answers from Dallas on

I had an ectopic in '06 and while I didn't have to have my tube removed, it was completely blocked later with scar tissue. I found this out through and HSG test. I had the HSG done after it had been a year since the surgery and no pregnancy. It ended up clearing the left tube and I got pregnant that month! I would say that you should wait a while to get this done. You may end up getting pregnant pretty soon. It's an expensive proceedure to have done for no reason.
I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I know first hand how insanely devastated you must feel. I'll pray for you and your little angel.



answers from Dallas on

I was able to conceive after my ectopic pregnancy and I also have PCOS!! I was very surprised, but I have a beautiful baby girl! Just relax. You should be fine!



answers from Dallas on

The HSG is a pretty horrible experience, at least it was for me, because it revealed what appeared to be a blcoked tube, then I had surgery to remove the blockage and when they went in there it wasn't blocked after all. However it was a good thing they went in there b/c I also had mild endometriosis that he was able to clear up. About three weeks after my surgery I started my first round of injections and got pregnant on the first cycle!



answers from Dallas on

My husband and I tried to conceive for a year and a half. I had an HSG done and it was definitely painful (really bad cramping). One thing they did not tell me was to take some Naproxen or something BEFOREHAND. Anyways, it is a procedure where the insert a ballon into your uterus and then run dye through your tubes and wait for it to spill out thru your ovaries. Mine went thru both tubes but only spilled out one side. However the radiologist didn't think I had a blockage. My dr reassured me that even just one side was enough for me to get pregnant. As it turns out I ended up doing 4 rounds of Clomid as it appeared I was ovulating late. Now I have a BEAUTIFUL 8 month old baby girl! I hope you do not have to have an HSG but it does pass pretty quickly if you do, so no worries! God bless you and good luck!!

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