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Updated on September 27, 2011
B.R. asks from York, PA
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I'm making some felt finger puppets for my son, and I have a couple of questions before I hit the craft store. First, I have patterns to trace on the felt. Will a sharpie do the trick? Or do I need some kind of special fabric pen? Also, some parts will be sewn, but other parts glued. What kind/brand of glue would work well for binding felt on felt? I want these to be pretty sturdy for my 2 year old! Thanks!

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answers from Houston on

I prefer hot glue. There is felt glue... look at Aleene's brand. As for tracing, you can use a sharpie or a regular pen. It doesn't matter too much.

I designed these adorable monster finger puppets a few years ago, and put the instructions here on my blog:

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answers from Kansas City on

I never even trace it, I usually just hold the pattern over it and cut around, unless it's really complicated, then I tape it, since you can easily cut through the tape and it won't be on the puppet side. also it peels off of the felt easily.

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answers from Austin on

I cut out copies of the patterns and then pin them onto the felt fabric, then cut them.

Ask at the craft store for fabric glue. Consider still stitching it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Sharpies work fine, and get Aleen's Tacky Glue or ask a sales person if there's anything they recommend.



answers from Tampa on

Old navy sells a pack of 12 puppets for just a few dollars. If you are looking for the experience, it will be a lot of fun. For the tracing, you can use your child's white crayon, chalk or your white eyeliner or dry bar soap :) you don't want to use sharpie or glue because of a strong smell. I wouldn't use the glue at all, I would use small needle and sewing thread for the little pcs and bigger needle and yarn for overcast stitch or running stitch, or basting stitch. Use the thread and yarn in bright colors for fun and contrast. Happy crafting!!!



answers from St. Louis on

Oriental Trading Company has fantastic deals on the premade ones!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Any marker will work - even a ballpoint pen if you go over it a few times. Aleen's Tacky glue is safe - it is a non-toxic type of glue a step up from Elmer's that I used with my mom through all of my childhood projects and I use it with my 4 year old all the time. As for durability, don't stress about it - you can try to sew them instead, but see if he even likes them...our finger puppets (a gift) are at the bottom of a toy box, & the puppets my 4 year old got 2 years ago were ignored. But her 1 year old brother has rediscovered them and makes all sorts of noises as he makes them "talk". In that case, grab an old sock and make a sock puppet - faster and easier to sew as it's bigger and easier to handle:)



answers from Colorado Springs on

A sharpie will be fine. For felt, I wouldn't worry too much about that aspect. They have a thick glue for these types of things. I can't remember what it is called, but anyone at your craft store should be able to help. It is usually in a goldish colored bottle. Hope that helps! Enjoy!



answers from Des Moines on

its just called craft glue. it usually comes in a gold bottle.

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