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Updated on September 30, 2009
M.S. asks from Lincolnshire, IL
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I have been asked several times for references before a potential client has come to the house to meet and see the house. I always tell parents that I prefer to give out my references after we meet. My question is- do other home daycare moms wait to give out references until after meeting, or are you willing to give someone your references before the intial interview.

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answers from Chicago on

M. S:

Providing references to parents for your excellence in child care is the only way for a parent to really know you. Because talking to you for fifteen minutes to an hour Interview can always be planned and does not really tell a parent about you. So, many parents depend on the reference.

I will suggest ( just like all other money making business)
keep a few very impressed parents for your reference and tell them how and what to tell when they receive a call for the reference. Give these reference any time a parent asks for it.

After a year of experience, when my business as a Child Care Provider, became so excelled that I did not have any
draw back, I was over informed how to take care of children, liked by my DCFs representative due to excellence in my performance as a child care provider, I started asking parents about them their payment standard and if their child is at the level of excellent behavior to adjust in my day care. Confidence and knowing and doing the best gives you this power.

When you are in need of more children, do not be so methodical and upfront in starting your own questioning, as you do need to make money and provide the best as usual.

Day care, is a business and involves business know how, to make money. At the sametime, since it involves children it is a business where parents should understand, that, their attitude in selecting a child care provider will effect the care. Only mutual respect from both sides gets
outsanding, extra care to the child.

However, do not take me wrong, Children are the most important product in this world, as they are the founder of the future, and because they are human and younger, need the most love care and concerns. That is the, most precious part of this profession, which only few respect.

Because you ae the provider you have to follow all the rules plus more, because you know what it takes to do your job, the best.

I think I have written a lot more than needed. I did this because, many parents just think they are paying to get the service, and never see the good aspect, of love affection, happiness and learning good manners, that their child learns when they have a good and dedicated provider.

Some other parent really know and understand, the difference and they are thankful to all the good things that a good child care provider offers.

So,reference, can be provided first or last does not matter, as far as you are good. But only few set parents to provide reference, who you know are great. Talk to them before starting giving their reference.

I only meant to help. I hope this works for you.

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answers from Chicago on

I have been doing family daycare for 20 years and I have never had someone ask for references over the phone. I am not sure I would give out that information before meeting the person.



answers from Chicago on

M. S, I have done it both ways. I figure it is the same as filling out an application and leaving it for a manager to go over. On the other side of that when they ask for references have them ready and ask them also for references from their previous sitter. You deserve to also know what your getting into the same as they do.



answers from Chicago on

Why don't you ask some of the parents you use as references to write you a review in the business section here on mamasource. Then you can refer potential clients to this site if they wish to read them in advance of an interview. This is what I do and it has worked for me. Good luck.



answers from Chicago on

I do not give out references over the phone or by email. I usually speak to a potential parent first by phone so we can discuss basics such as my hours, pay rate, # of kids already in care and their ages, general outline of the day's schedule, basic childcare techniques....etc. If these sound like something they are interested in, then I set up a formal interview where I meet the parents and sometimes the child. My husband is always present at this meeting as he is my backup in emergencies and has contact with the kids. At the interview I talk specifics and give a resume with current as well as past references for childcare. I answer any questions they may have. After the initial face to face meeting, they are free to contact the references at their leisure. I usually schedule a time(maybe a week later) that we can get in contact again and make a decision to either proceed or not. If yes on both sides, then we schedule some more times when they can come and introduce their child to me and the other daycare kids.

I do not give out references before then because although daycare is a business, I want to know it is a legitimate parent looking for care first. I don't feel comfortable doing this over the phone. You never can be too careful in my opinion with the privacy of the families and their kids. Many of my references are still current kids and I respect that they probably don't want me giving out their information to just anyone that asks. I feel that once I meet a prospective family we have already spoken and talked details so I can tell if it is a possible good fit. There have been many times after speaking with a parent on the phone or through email, I felt sure it was not going to be a good fit and didn't pursue a face to face meeting. I wouldn't have wanted to give out names and numbers to these people and have them bothering my parents. My parent's never have an issue giving me a great refernce, I think it is considerate to use discretion when you are giving out their information. These aren't other businesses they are contacting, these are moms and dads with small kids at their private homes.

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