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Updated on March 20, 2011
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Is $48k considered a high salary in the nonprofit sector?

EDIT: It's for an executive assistant position. But I was curious about mgmt positions too in the nonprofit sector -- how much they make just for future reference. Thanks!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I guess it would depend on the position and job responsibilities. I was not management and only made a fraction of that.

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answers from Biloxi on

Salaries in the non-profit sector, like the for-profit sector, vary by area. In my area Executive Directors' salary ranges from 60 to 80k depending on the size and budget of the organization. Other senior level positions can range from 40 to 60k. Administrative range from 28 to 40k. These ranges are for organizations with annual operating budgets ranging from 150k to 2 million. Executive and Senior level salaries usually go up in organizations with higher annual budgets.

All salaries vary based on organization size, employee's tenure with the organization, employee's experience, job duties, etc.

I suggest checking average salaries in you area for the position - most administrative positions are comparable to the for-profit sector.

Good Luck and God Bless

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answers from Philadelphia on

I think it depends on the organization, the size of the organization and location. I am the Director of a small public library and my starting salary was $50,000. I think you also want to keep in mind the benefits you are being offered when thinking about the position as well. I took a pay cut from my last non-profit job when taking this position but the health insurance and sick time were much better than at my previous position. My current job also gives me a lot of flexibility in my hours and I can bring my son with me if I need to. When looking at a job be sure to find out what the benefits are because it can really vary from place to place.

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answers from Seattle on

Look at sites like to compare the salary, it depends on the position, your experience and the location.
Another thing you need to look at are benefits. Every non-profit I've ever worked for had GREAT benefits but lower pay. I was always happy with that trade off.

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answers from San Antonio on

As previous responders have said, it depends on the position, tenure, type and size of non-profit and location. An entry level case manager, for instance, would not make near that, nor would a paraprofessional. In size and scope, non-profits can be anything from a small community- or faith-based agency to a major university or global agency such as Red Cross. Executive Directors could be bachelor's level at a small agency to doctoral level folks at hospitals, schools, etc. Rarely would salaries be comparable to the private sector for the same skills, education and expertise--but after 30 years in non-profits, they've been stable and satisfying and I wouldn't work in anything but the non-profit world.



answers from Boston on

Could you provide a little more information? What is the position and for what kind of non-profit? Salaries for financial and chief executive officers can be higher than that, but otherwise $48K would be a blessing for many non-profit employees.


answers from Chicago on

I used to work in nonprofits. But I can't answer this question without more information. What is the position? What is the nonprofit? Where is it located?



answers from Miami on

Depends on the job. The CEO of some large nonprofits make 200K plus. Can you post more info


answers from Rochester on

I work in non-profit and after 3 years do not make anything close to that, although I think I have a decent salary. It depends on everything everyone has stated--the position, nature of the work, location, other responsibilities, etc. It sounds high to me (in a good way) but again depends on a lot of other factors. I've seen jobs listed for non-profits in that range, but they carry a lot of responsibility and/or supervisory requirements.



answers from New York on

As with any position (non-profit, huge corporation, or small business) you need to look at the entire picture. Wages in a city like New York or Washington DC will be much higher than in a rural area. Also, what are the benefits? When I started my current position (at a non-profit) I took a large pay cut, but gained a great benefit package.



answers from St. Louis on

If it's entry level in LA I would think its probably about right (I have a friend who just got an entry level job in southern CA and she makes about 50,000, but it's before it's so expensive to live there compared to other cities in the country). In St. Louis, most non-profit workers making that much money are in a supervisory type role or at least have supervisory/administrative duties.

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