Question for Anyone That Regularly Wears Something on Their Nails.

Updated on August 07, 2019
B.F. asks from Newark, DE
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I have several bottles of nail polish from over the years. I want to use them up and maybe start experimenting with more colors. I've also taken to wearing some false fingernails, due to badly tearing a nail now and then (stays better than a bandaid). All of this has me wondering about those who wear either or both kinds just about every day. You put nail polish or fake fingernails on to match your outfit. What do you do if your nail polish or fake nails are staying on nicely the next day, but you want to wear a different color outfit? I would think soaking false fingernails in remover for several minutes would get old and take too much time, real fast.
There is stuff to take painted nail polish off, of course, and that's quicker. But do you do that every day to put on another color? And what about those of you who like to do little artwork on yours? Surely you don't want to take it all off to match the next you?

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answers from Washington DC on

i use a gel nail polish on my nails. I don't change it daily nor even weekly. I go in about every 2 to 3 weeks and get it changed.

I haven't done artwork on my nails since I was 20 years old.

I don't have the time to change my color every day. Even when I was younger I didn't do that.

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answers from Norfolk on

Changing nail color is not like changing clothes.
You don't change the color every day.
That would be expensive, and time consuming.
If your nails are tearing it sounds like they need a break (or you have an underlying health problem - thyroid issues can cause weak nails and hair, fungus can also do bad things to your nails).
Choose a neutral nail color that will work with all your outfits or a French manicure.

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answers from Washington DC on

i'm not doing anything with my nails these days, but wore acrylics, then gels, for years.

no, i didn't coordinate my outfits with my nails. it's ridiculous to think you can soak and re-apply even plain old polish every day, let alone 'fake' nails with expensive artwork.

on the rare occasions i get mine done these days it's for a special occasion, and the color and artwork reflects that.

then it stays on until it doesn't. hopefully at least a couple of weeks.


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answers from New York on

I use regular nail polish (not gel), it lasts about one week and then I change it. I enjoy fun colors so I just think about my week ahead - for example, I would wear a bright blue polish but maybe not on a week when I know I have big serious work commitments where it might look out of step with my dark suits. (If something comes up last-minute, polish is obviously easy to remove.)

Finding a good neutral is nice, classic, pink or beige or even red, a color that suits your skin tone. I also recommend “holographic” colors that show different colors depending on the light, that can help one fun color go with many outfits. Right now on my nails I have an Essie color called “congrats”, it has the characteristic of being fun but coordinating well with many outfits.

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answers from Portland on

I don't wear colored nail polish (when I do it's just clear typically) except for on my toes. My friends who wear nail polish get manicures typically. If they get something 'special' like a noticeable color or something fancy, they are going out. They just wear the polish until it starts to show wear and then they remove it and get another manicure or put some on at home.

I don't know anyone who changes their nail color to match their outfits.

You could just wear neutral nail color if it's a concern.

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answers from Boston on

I don’t have the time nor inclination to polish my finger nails unless I’m going out somewhere fancy. I get my toes done once monthly. It lasts that long. I usually choose my toe color that day based on whatever season it is.

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answers from Tampa on

When I used to get my nails done ( powder, acrylics and I think I tried fiber glass or something of a sort) I picked a neutral color. So my basics were beige, French with beige and white) or pale pink. When I knew I was going to a restaurant out I would paint over that color or have a manicurist do it. ( always good to use your own color to touch up when regular polish comes off) I mean if you wash dishes, play with kids and do anything outside regular polish will come off. No matter how expensive regular polish is or how strong the clear coat is. My gf applies clear coat few extra times during the week.

Honestly I don’t know anyone who changes their nail color daily..,( Kim k.. and her clan but she has nothing else to do lol)

Some nail polish uses lams and some of those you can peel off others must be removed.. so just a general color.
Usually it was every week to touch up and to change and every 2 weeks to fill in. I am sure now it’s different.

I kinda miss my time before kids but love my kids way way too much to spend 2 hours in a salon to start that trend again .. would miss my time with my kids! Lol insanity at its best! Lol

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answers from New York on

I use dip and have it replaced about every 3 weeks (it lasts longer, but my nails grow fast - even 3 weeks is pushing it for me). I choose neutral colors and often have french tips.

If you want to be more "matchy matchy" try Color Street or Jamberry or something like that.

While I am super fussy about my nails, I rarely care about them "matching" my outfit unless I'm in a wedding or some other special event.

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answers from Dallas on

I wear nexgen dipping powder on my natural nails.

It lasts me about a month. I choose my color based on my mood preference at the time. In July. I was navy blue with ring fingers a shimmer white. Right now I have a pretty shade of green. I don’t care for reds on me and I tend to go with lighter natural colors with exception of a couple times a year.

My daughter and I routinely get mani/Pedis monthly for some bonding time.

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answers from Miami on

I don't really care if my polish matches my outfit. I choose a pretty color, usually I keep it in the red or pink family, and find it goes with everything. I'm not going to wear yellow nail polish just because I am wearing a yellow shirt, for example, or slime green because my blouse is green, yuck (sorry if you find slime green to be attractive on nails, LOL).

If I don't feel I am going to have time to do upkeep on my polish, I choose a very soft pink or clear coat, so no one will notice when it starts to chip. I never have and never will wear acrylics. I tried the gel thing and it ruined my natural nails, so it's not for me, I have otherwise very strong nails that can grow over an inch and not crack or break.

I am not big into nail art, but I did get some silver glitter accents for the holidays, that was the only time I had any sort of art on my nails. Once the red base started to chip, I got rid of the art and the base color with a cotton ball and nail polish remover and went to my typical, no-fuss, neat, polish-free nails. My toes are a different matter, I choose whatever color I am in the mood for -- dark purple, lilac, blue, candy red...

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would never change my nail color that often.
I don't know anyone that has that time.
The only thing I do is get monthly pedicures in the summer.
If you really want color on your nails, I would paint my own fingernails once a week.


I would never change my nail color that often.
I don't know anyone that has that time.
The only thing I do is get monthly pedicures in the summer.
If you really want color on your nails, I would paint my own fingernails once a week.



answers from Baton Rouge on

I change my nail polish when it starts to peel off and look ugly, or when the whim hits me. I don't worry about matching it to my clothes.

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