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Updated on March 03, 2011
L.W. asks from Livonia, MI
4 answers

I have been thinking about going to cosmotology school. Question for all the hair stylist..Did you always have a nack for doing hair or you picked it up as you went to school and started to do hair. What kind of schedule have you put in place for doing hair?

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answers from Houston on

I have been doing hair for about 9 years.

Before I went to cosmetology school, I played around with my hair and my friends/roommates hair and make-up a lot... coloring/cutting... I thought I was so awesome at it then... but after years of training and experience I realize that I had a knack and a passion for it, but that my early stuff was not good at all (technically)!

It's one of those careers that you either love/hate. I don't work in a salon anymore since I had kids (though I keep my education and license current at all times), but when I did, I would come home crying form severe shoulder and wrist pain, it can be very physically challenging, even if you stand right/wear the right shoes...

Also, some salons are excellent to work for, others not so much.

If you want to get a good career, then go to a great school like Paul Mitchell and get placed as an apprentice in a high end salon when you graduate. It can be brutal, but much better money and education than working for pretty much minimum wage at a place like ProCuts or something where you aren't going to learn much and there isn't much room for advancement.

It's fairly easy to get burnt out, but if you have a passion for it and work in a great environment, it keeps things interesting.

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answers from Chicago on

I have been doing hair for about 6 yrs and love it. School was great, a lot of hard work and hours but so worth it. I now am able to stay at home with my daughter and work a few nights. Its great! I did always have a thing for hair and the beauty industry.

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answers from Dallas on

I was a stylist for 7 yrs. before my daughter was born and I still keep my license current because 9 months of full time school was hard, but rewarding work! I always liked playing around with hair and my friends would always have me do theirs before I started. It took me about 2 years of working 40 hours+ after a 9 month apprenticeship to really get established and build a nice clientele where I was making decent money. I think it's harder in the beginning because you do have to put in a lot of time to build your clientele, but once you are some what satisfied it can be a very flexible job. It also just depends on if you lease or work at a comission salon as to what hours you must work. Hope this helps!

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answers from Phoenix on

I just thought I would put my 10 cents in on this subject. I started school in Ca in 1991 for the sole reason of thinkinng this would be a quick school career choice. All I had to do is go to school for 9 months and I would graduate and be done and have a job. So I was right out of HS and did not want to do a college degree. So needless to say I got up to 1500 hours and quit. UGH I know.. .... at the time it was 1600 hours and I was so close to finishing.
I had no idea how to do hair or was all that intrestead, but once I started the school, it was a ton of fun. I enjoyed all about it...but it is hard work and a lot of classes to be listening too. I did not get hands on til 3 months in the program and so a lot of chemical mixing and science. Of coarse a lot has changed since then.
It is certainly a do-able job. I suppose you have to work hard getting your chair in a salon and make money on word of mouth and clients . I bet it is a good business and easy to be taught.
Good luck

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