Question About Red Blood Mole on Body?

Updated on October 08, 2015
Y.J. asks from Huntsville, AL
6 answers

Hi, I want to know about some body deases if anyone could help me!!! I have 8 Red Blood Mole on my body. One is on my breast and 6 on my abdoman. and 1 is under the breast. I have read report about skin cancer on facebook. I am scare to go to doctor. if someone know about it. Tell me that is it ok or I have to go to doctor?

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answers from Dallas on

Really??? Are you that naive?

How on earth do you think moms on a public internet forum could possibly diagnose skin cancer on you through a computer screen.

Go to the Dr. and see what they say!

This has to be a planted question or troll. ( Poor grammar, poor spelling, poor sentence structure)

What school in AL is out on break right now? Go back to class.

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answers from Boston on

These things need to be looked at by the human eye - nothing we can diagnose via the internet even if we were medical professionals, which most of us are not. We can't tell (and neither can you) if these are moles, an allergic reaction, or something else. You have no idea, and neither do we.

Probably it's nothing deadly, but really, being too scared to go to your doctor is going to hold you back in every way. In 99% of cases, early diagnosis and treatment makes all the difference. Delaying only increases your stress and decreases your treatment options.

Go see your primary care doctor or ask for a referral to a dermatologist. And don't get your skin cancer info from Facebook or anywhere else on the internet! "Dr. Google" is not reliable and just causes you to panic enough to do nothing.

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answers from Dallas on

Go to the doctor. We are a bunch of moms on the computer who have no clue about what your skin is like. The doctor will either tell you you're fine, or help you take care of the skin issue. NOT going to the doctor for skin cancer will endanger your life. Be scared of NOT going to the doctor.

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answers from Norfolk on

It might be something very trivial or it might be deadly serious.
We have no way of knowing which it is.
You need to see a dermatologist and get it checked out.
Finding out what it is ASAP greatly increases your chances of a good outcome.
If it's nothing, then you can relax.
If it's serious, get it treated before it spreads too far for anyone to help you.
Fear is your worst enemy - don't give in to it.

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answers from Washington DC on

you're scared to go to the doctor, but are ready and willing to diagnose yourself via facebook? and get treatment advice from strangers on a forum?


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answers from Springfield on

i was told that if its smaller than a pencil eraser that its nothing to worry about. so worry not and go to your dr anyway. there is no reason to wait till its a problem. they can painlessly remove them and you can move on with your life.

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