Question About No Period, but Neg Preg Test....

Updated on October 05, 2009
C.A. asks from Glenwood, MD
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At almost 32, we are trying for baby #2. I am getting frustrated because it has been almost 6 months and we got prego the first time in only 2 months of active trying ( I had been on birth control for 14 yrs prior to that) At first I didn't get cycles for 6 weeks or more, then they seemed to be pretty regular at 32 days, but now it has been 36 days and nada. I did a test this morning which was negative. I don't feel pregnant (no sore boobs, but I do seem hungrier than usual), and am wondering if anyone else has been pregnant with a negative early test?? I use the first response tests. I just want so badly to have another baby and find that it is taking up a lot of space in my brain- especially since I haven't gotten a period yet. Has anyone else had this issue? I have been on Prenatal vits since before the first pregnancy, and eat healthy and exercise.....we try and have intercourse every or every other day during the week (I think) I ovulate. Maybe I will get the ovulation test strips...but that sort of takes the mystery out of it?? Im weird I know- I just don't want it to turn into a mechanical thing- you know?? I want to keep SOME spontaneiety! Would love some insights ladies.... thanks!

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So What Happened?

well thank you ladies...what I wanted was a couple different experiences and viewpoints- and that's just what I got!! I'll wait a week or so and test again, and will keep y'all posted. helps to hear that others have had similiar experiences!

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answers from Norfolk on

I know just how it is. When we decided to have my first i got pregnant right away no trouble. But two years later i wanted a sec. and i didn't think i would ever get pregnant. We actively tried for 4 yrs. I finally got pregnant when my daughter was in kindergarten than miscarried. We kept trying and finally we delivered a son the summer my daughter went into 1st grade. The whole experience was horrible. I had no complications but my OB decided thought i had every sickness i could have and than delivered him C-section for no reason. AUGH! oh well i have my two now and thankfully one of each. Good luck and don't stop trying.

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Good luck to you. I know first hand how difficult it can be trying for a baby. It took 12 months for us to conceive our #2, our daughter, but she was well worth the wait.

It sounds like you might be pregnant. Wait another week. If no period, then test again. Of course, I am familiar with the agony of the dreaded two week wait. But, I tested negative with my first child. I thought I was not pregnant... tested again when I still hadn't gotten my period in another week, then, yep, there it was, a positive pregnancy test.

So, I wouldn't give up hope yet. It's just so frustrating that period/pregnancy symptoms are much the same.

Good luck...


answers from Washington DC on


Okay-this is going to sound mean, but here goes.

It's already mechanical and you have stressed your body out to the point where you are making it harder if not newarly impossible to get pregnant. STOP TRYING!! Seriously. My hubby and I went 4 years (yes YEARS) trying to get pregnant, numerous dr visits, pills, tests, you name it, the only thing we didn't do was IVF.

We decided it wasn't in the cards for us and just basically "gave up" - truly. I prayed and told God, it's in your hands. I'm done. We got a dog and 6 months later we were pregnant. But we totally forgot about having a baby and made sex FUN again - the sponteneiety that you are looking for? we took it back and relaxed when having sex instead of being like that one movie with Kevin Bacon (can't think of the name of it) where she would call him up for sex, pillows under her butt, etc that was us - laugh - but that's how it was for us. When you are stressed your body will NOT produce the eggs necessary to become pregnant, you will have periods but over all, your body will sense the stress and not allow it to get pregnant - it's a self-imposed survival mechanism in our bodies.

Here's my advice. Go to the doctor and ask them to run hormome tests on you - just to make sure your hormone levels are good - then go home and forget about baby #2 and have FUN!!! Seriously. HAVE FUN!

Take care and God Bless!




answers from Washington DC on

It's definitely possible to have a false negative, b/c in order to test positive, your HCG level has to be high enough to trigger the "+" for your pregnancy test. Most tests in the OB's office have a really high HCG level, so it's common to get a false negative on those tests. I recommend either waiting a few days (if you can take it, LOL!) or specifically looking for a pregnancy test that will test positive with a low level of HCG, like 25 or so. You can also request a blood pregnancy test, but again -- unless your HCG is above a 5, it will come out negative. During your first few weeks of pregnancy, your HCG level will double every 48-72 hours, and once that level is high enough, you can get a positive.

Don't worry about the stress -- everyone tells you not to stress out, and if it were that easy then there would be no stress in the world, LOL. I highly recommend reading the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" which will explain to you exactly how to time sex to have the best chances of pregnancy. I think every woman should read the book -- concieving or not -- b/c it's just fascinating to learn how your body works.

Also, for some good information about pregnancy tests, I love the website It's very humorous, and explains all about HCG levels and whatnot.

Finally, good luck to you! I hope you get a positive test next time you pee on a stick! :)



answers from Washington DC on

Hi - I am one of those people that takes WEEKS to get a positive test - this happened to me with #1 and #2. I get cramping and symptoms and no period right away, but my hormone levels aren't high enough to detect for about 6 weeks after conception. At that point, my hcg levels are still only around 20-80. I would encourage you to wait and keep on testing - and live your life as though you are PG until you get a real period! Good luck!
P.S. I took about 6 negatives, including a blood test negative before finally getting a positive this time at 6 weeks post conception!



answers from Washington DC on

Hi! I had three or four false negatives with both of my kids. I had to wait a full week after my missed period before the tests started showing positive. Here's hoping it's the same for you!



answers from Norfolk on

I was a month pregnant and did not know it. I had my period and then all I felt was hungry...nothing else.Saw my doctor and he did a pee test, well it came out NEGATIVE. I asked if he could do the blood one, just to be sure...and low & behold...I'm preggo!!
I think you should go see the doctor and ask for the blood test.
Just make sure he checks for other things too...stress can make you feel hungry but it can also do many crazy things to your body...Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

Hi C.,

I read through some of the other posts, and agree that you might be a little stressed and anxious - it can take time even if you did get pregnant very quickly with your first. However, I'll tell you what happened to me. I have 3 kids, and did get pregnant very quickly (within 3 months of deciding to try with all 3 of them - I was even on the pill from the birth of my 2nd daughter (Nov 2001) until July of 2006 and I had my son in June 2007). I too am very regular, and so when I was a couple of days late, I went to have a pregnancy test at the doctor's office first thing in the morning since that's when they say you're levels of HCG are higher. Well, it came back negative, but I really felt I was pregnant - my 1st daughter was only 6 months old, so the memory of what it felt like to be pregnant was still very fresh in my mind. So, to appease me, they did a blood test which they said was as close to 100% accurate that you can get - it came back negative. So, I waited a week and went back after I tested myself a few times and got a strong positive on a home test and sure enough I was pregnant and was 3 weeks along - so much for their full proof blood test. Turns out, my body was just not producing high enough levels of HCG that early in the pregnancy to be detected by the tests. So I would say to you, just be patient - I wouldn't bother with the ovulation kits for a while, they'll just make you more anxious - it will happen when it's time.

Good luck!



answers from Norfolk on

Yes, I had THREE false negative urine tests with my first child. Go have a blood test to be sure. Good luck and many blessings!



answers from Richmond on

if you want to get pregnant again then the thing to do
first is get rid of the test strips and then plan a cross
country trip or plan to hike the appilachain trail, pricing
camping gear and rock climbing equipment.. this is what
happened to me.and i was supposedly sterile.and now i am
four and a half months pregnant. go figure
K. h.

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