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Updated on April 25, 2019
B.A. asks from Ann Arbor, MI
13 answers

Just wondering if anyone had a kid whose hair changed color as they got older, I.e. a blond kid who went dark brown. At what age did this happen? Just curious!

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answers from Washington DC on

my oldest son was born a "tow-head" - he's now 19 and has brown hair. His eyebrows didn't change from "you can't see them" to "oh you have eye brows" until he was 13!

My sister was born a "tow head" and now she's a "dirty blonde". I don't remember when my sister's hair changed.

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answers from Portland on

We are a total mixture of hair colors. They all have changed over the years. Some changed as infants. Some before school started. Some in teen years.

That gene can be triggered by hormones e.g. adolescence, or when you go grey

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answers from Washington DC on

both my boys were born with jet black hair that rubbed off in infancy and turned platinum white. total pair of tow-heads.

when they hit their teens they both darkened to a dark ash blonde. my younger has a rather startling red beard.


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answers from Santa Fe on

I always thought this was very normal. My brother and cousins were all blondies as little tykes but their hair slowly grew darker as they grew up. It seems to start around elementary school. I figure most super blonde toddlers have their hair darken as they grow...most but not all. Out of my two kids one kept the really light blond hair and one's hair darkened up. It slowly happened starting maybe at age 5 with each year her hair getting slightly darker. She is 9 now and her hair is a light brown and no longer white/blonde.

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answers from Boston on

Yes. My son was born with dark hair, went very blond until later in elementary school, and worked his way back to brown. My husband was the same way.

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answers from Norfolk on

Kids hair color can change a lot over the years.
When visiting my husbands aunt/uncle they had pictures of their 4 kids that showed 1 for each grade for each kid up to college.
Some years a kid will have dark hair and then blond for a few years before going dark again and it can happen at any age.
Sometimes it's a matter of how much they were outside and the sun made a big difference in hair color - my hair use to lighten up a lot if I was outside all summer.

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answers from Miami on

Yup. I was a medium sandy blonde as a child. I still had blondish streaks in my hair as I approached my early teens, though my hair was more of a chestnut brown, no longer blonde except towards the ends. Then it turned medium mousy brown by my mid-teens and stayed like that. It's funny how it picks up reddish and brassy tones when I dye it, my roots otherwise look a dull dark brown with some grey streaks coming in. I wonder if climates somehow affect hair color, my cat's fur also got darker when we moved around to colder climates and then stayed dark, even when we moved back into warm climates. I guess it could have been a coincidence, but it happened with my sister too. Her hair was a reddish shade of brown and when we moved to a colder climate, it was a very dark brown, almost black.

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answers from Chicago on

My brother had almost white hair when he was little. By the time he was nine or ten, it was a dark blond. My hair was jet black at birth. It changed to a light brown at around seven or so. When I was a teen, it was back to dark brown with streaks of auburn and almost blonde. My brother called me calico during those years. Now, it's dark brown with gray (boo!).

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answers from Erie on

All my kids were toe heads at birth, with blue eyes. It was so pretty, we just let it grow out for years, even the boys. Their hair did get darker over the years, but stayed blonde. My oldest has a ginger beard, though the others don't.

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answers from Springfield on

My son was born with jetblack hair that turned blond during the first year. It stayed blond for a few years before getting a bit darker. It's now more of a sandy blond.

My hair was jetblack when I was born, then turned blond. After a couple of years it turned dark brown and has stayed that way ... well, almost ... I'm going to have to start coloring it soon if I want to hide my gray :-)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Funny you ask this, we were just talking about this the other day. All of our kids were born with light blonde hair, they are all now dark brown. The change started around the 6th grade for 2 of them and 8th for the others.

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answers from New York on

I was blond as a toddler. As I grew up it went brown now it's brown with reddish and blond highlights.
Hubby was white blond as a kid and now is a dirty blond almost brown

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answers from Columbus on

It’s really common. I had black hair as a newborn and was a tow head by age 1. Then it darkened when I was 4 and I had brown hair when I was 5.

Oh, and my hair was always very straight, Absolutely no wave or curl. And it became curly when I was pregnant and has remained that way.

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