Question About Head Lice Survival

Updated on September 09, 2009
J.C. asks from Pacifica, CA
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My daughter was sent home from school Tuesday for head lice. (Every single student at the school is being checked this first week.) She has been treated and cleared for school again. She plays soccer and they sometimes wear the "pennys" for scrimmages. Do you think lice could remain viable on one of those? They switch them from player to player and I am not sure if they are ever cleaned. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the fast responses and support. I offered to wash them after each use and the coach was very appreciative. Thanks everyone.

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answers from Sacramento on

My husband never washed the ones he had his soccer girls use. I did not even know they exsisted until I got in his car one day. (practice was when I had work) So, yeah,
I would wash and dry them well too just to be on the safe side.
W. M.



answers from San Francisco on

Good Morning J., it is 4 am here in ca. just got home and thought i would check the computer before going to bed.
Lice- is a horrible thing. Lice are like cockroaches it will live through anything. When our daughter got it she was sitting next to someone that had it and they lept onto her long hair. By the time I learned what it was ( haveing never seenanything like it before) we had to cut her hair very short!!
Tell the coach --nice try but no prize!! Enjoy the adventure of parenthoood-- it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do and the most educational!! Nana G



answers from San Francisco on

I play soccer and those pennys can be nasty. I don't think they get cleaned much. However, I doubt they would transmit head lice.



answers from Modesto on

Lice is easy to spred. If you are worried about the penny's offer to wash them for the coach. Maybe the coach has not relized how long it has been since they were washed. Usually lice is spread through contact with things on the head but maybe the penny's could be to blame.



answers from San Francisco on

I dont know what soccer pennys are but my kids are homeschooled-so I know my girl didnt pick it up from a social contact. My child picked it up from putting on a hat at the library. The Library put out historical hats to promote history month. I noticed it about 10 days after we went there. I reported it to the Library and she doubted hats could spread lice- but they were quickly pulled the next day. My pastor said his children who share helmets in softball teams get lice ALL THE TIME from sharing head gear equipment.
I used a tbs tea tree oil mixed into a dab of shampoo and left it on (and used a nit comb to comb them out) then after about a half hour of that, having her rinse it out..... every day or other day for two or three weeks!



answers from San Francisco on

Tell the coach to stop the penny thing! Lice can live for 3 days without a human host and the nits even longer. DO NOT let your daughter share hats, helmets (unless they wear a liner or baseball cap or something over they head underneath), hairbrushes, etc with anyone, even her best friend on the team. Even once treated, it's very easy for your daughter to be re-infected. Good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

I would think that lice is transfered by pennys as well as clothing the touches their head. It is kind of scary to think that they aren't cleaned. I hope the situation is better and everyone is lice free!

Best of Luck,
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