Question About Filling Hours for Part-time Kindergartener

Updated on April 09, 2009
P.R. asks from Akron, OH
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My daughter's kindergarten will only be 3.5 hours a day and since I have to schedule my younger daughter's preschool soon, I'm trying to figure out if I should enroll my kindergartener in something else - ie: after school care for a couple of hours, fun classes such as dance etc, or do I just have her play at home? I'm at work all day but we have a nanny there. Right now, she goes to preschool about 3.5 hours and has quiet time for an hour and otherwise just hangs out and plays until I get home. When I get home, sometimes we just go to the park, once a week we have a gymnastics class etc. I don't like the idea of overscheduling her and think free play is a good idea but then again it seems like so many hours at home. She only sleeps 10 hours a day total so that's 14 hours to fill! What do people who don't use all-day care do? Curious to hear. Thanks!

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answers from San Francisco on

It depends on what type of kid she is. Some kids are up for one scheduled activity after the other, others are more contented to play quietly by themselves. I'd take your cues from her. If you have the money and she wants to do dance classes (or whatever), then why not?



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Do you have a nanny or a housekeeper? A good nanny keeps your children clean, fed, exercised and occupied. End of story.




answers from San Francisco on

Kids are great at filling their time. Most likely, you won't have to do anything at all.



answers from Chico on

I don't understand your concern, really, since her schedule sounds like it will be the same. Is it because she won't have her sister to play with? I would wait to schedule anything like dance classes, etc. until you see how kindergarten makes her feel, and how much homework she'll have , if any. She may be too tired to do anything structured until she gets used to the school expectations. You know her temperament and probably have an idea what she can handle.

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