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Updated on August 16, 2011
J.K. asks from Oak Forest, IL
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I am an avid E-bay buyer and seller. I truly love it. I know some have not had good experiences on both ends of the deal but I have always.
My question involves what to start a price on for the lot I am selling of clothes and accessories that my youngest grew out of. I have always been good about having an idea but this one I am just not sure on. I would appreciate your thoughts on what you would start the bidding at if you were to buy or purchase something that including the following :
All items, clothes, ect are in Excellent used condition and some are even brand new with and without tags. WE all know how quick kids grow out of things and mine were just spoiled being the first grandkids on both sides!! With all that said, I have....
41 Shirts
13 Dresses
11 Outfits
12 pairs of shorts
11 hats (some of them those really expensive crochet looking ones with the gems and flowers)
3 pairs of shoes
The Brands of the clothes are all name brands like Childrens place, gymboree, carters, Sketchers ect!


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So What Happened?

What would you do wtih the prices if I do a shirt lot, a dress lot, and a short/hat/shoes lot because that is how I have the pictures taken and everything is already boxed by those sections?

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answers from Gainesville on

I have NEVER had success selling things in lots. I see lots go up real high and then i really look at it, they are making only a couple bucks per item. I have sold a whole lot of things and am a power and toprated seller. This is just my experience with even the best name brands

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answers from St. Louis on

I am an avid ebay buyer and seller. I dislike large lots. I don't like to buy them or sell them. I will do a lot of 5 or 6 items, max. But your lot is huge!

I recommend scaling it down to lots of say, ten, at most. Match things that you think would work well in a lot together. Make sure you charge enough for shipping, but not too much.

I tend to have the best luck when I start my lots out at 99 cents. They never sell for anywhere near that cheap, and the tons of bids to get to the final price attracts buyers (why does this lot have 27 bids? better check it out!)

Make sure you list the line for each lot too - for ex, Gymboree has a line for each - you can do lots based on this also, and it will attract buyers looking for that line. Make a lot of two or three outfits each. That will sell better than a lot of 11 hats and some shorts, for example.

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answers from Charleston on

I got burned selling in a giant lot my first time. Someone won the auction for 40+ name brand, excellent condition items for $14.91. It works better for me to break it down into 5-6 outfits. I start bidding at $9.99 if it is the same name brands you mentioned. Good luck!



answers from Victoria on

I would start the bid at the minimum amount you are willing to part with it all for. If you sold it for less than 75.00 would you be upset? I have listed things at a low start and then been disappointed for the final price.. so now if it is really worth something this is how I get my start price. If I dont care then I just start at .99 cents.
From selling for many years I have found that smaller lots bring more bids. You have to have that "right" person to buy a huge lot. If you are going for a high starting bid make sure to include lots of great pics and very imformative descriptions. Good luck- I love EBAY



answers from New York on

I'd break it down a lot. Maybe no more then 10 things per lot. Hats perhaps 4 per lot? You may make more that way. I don't know how many people will want 11 hats?



answers from Pittsburgh on

Start the bidding at $99.

If doing a BIN, go for $250.


answers from Toledo on

That is a break it down into smaller lots...such as dresses, then shirts, then shorts...etc...if you have some fav's make outfits out of them. Flat rate shipping is great too!

If you want to still do these all as one lot, id start at 49.99 but put a reserve on it, maybe about $200.


answers from Washington DC on

if they are all the same size - then put them together in a "LOT" and start the bidding out at $29.99 with reasonable shipping..

to be honest - i don't tend to purchase clothes "lots" on ebay - just because i'm not always liking ALL of it...but that's ME!! I know plenty of people who buy the large lots, take out and relist what they don't like...

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