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Updated on March 13, 2006
S. asks from Rosemount, MN
6 answers

Can anyone share with me their weekly/monthly daycare cost (either at home or not) for an infant? I am looking in the Rosemount area for a daycare and just wondering what the price ranges are??

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi S. -

Right now my son is almost two and we pay $175/wk. It will go down to $155/wk. once he is 3 AND potty trained. When we started at this in-home daycare, he was an infant and we paid $190/wk. I know these prices are a bit higher than several other in-home daycares that I interviewed, but it's less than a daycare center, like Kindercare. That was $220/wk for full time infant care when I called about it. I accepted paying a bit more, even though it's hard on our budget, because she was the first daycare provider I felt like I could really trust! That's a big step when you're putting your little baby in someone else's care for so many hours each week.

Hope that info is helpful. I'm also in Rosemount, but I interviewed in Rosemount and Eagan. Our current provider is close to our house in Rosemount, so that's another plus.

Feel free to email me if you have questions.



answers from Minneapolis on

we pay $175/week per child for 4 full days a week, m-th, then once a month we pay an extra $25 for music class, which is for a woman who comes in for an hour a week.We also pay a fee at the beginning of the year for membership to children's museum and the zoo for outings. We have 2 girls at the same in-home daycare in St. Paul.



answers from Minneapolis on

Most of the daycares I've seen are around $150-$180 per child in a Home Daycare.
Hope this helps! And good luck!



answers from Duluth on

Hi S.,
I've been doing inhome care since December 04 in Apple Valley and my rate for a 35-50 hour week is $125. For an infant, that includes baby food, wipes, bedding, etc. Parents supply the diapers, formula, extra sets of clothing, and lovey. I priced when we first moved here and centers run a lot higher, especially if you're looking for part time care. Different suburbs have different rates, but it doesn't vary a whole lot in the metro. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I live in Maplewood and pay $134.00 for a 4 day week per child my kids are 18 months and 2.5 yrs old. I used to pay an in home nanny $300.00 per week for 5 days to watch both kids, and before that they were in a center and I paid $49.00 per day per child when they were both infants. Hope this is helpful. Good Luck



answers from Minneapolis on

I am looking into becoming a home daycare provider in IGH so I have been doing some research. The average weekly rates for Rosemount are: In-home-150.00 and Centers-230.00. If you have any other questions email me. B.

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