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Updated on February 08, 2017
M.6. asks from Woodbridge, NJ
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Chacha mom mentioned in one of my posts that I should have used my Mamapedia resources because she had a Tieks coupon she would have shared (which, THANK YOU - that was really, really nice of you!) It got me to thinking . . . I know there are website with coupons like RetailMeNot and such, but sometimes I have coupons that are quite valuable but simply do not need before they are going to expire. For example, I get $50 off a purchase of $100 or more at Tommy Bahama. I purchase my husband one shirt a year there for our anniversary. However, often the coupon comes at Christmas when I don't need it. Or I will pull a 30% off at Kohls (you need to have a Kohls card, but still). Or when I made a Christmas purchase at Leif and received 25% off my next order.

Would people be interested in posting if they have a really good coupon they can't use? Or would people be interested in asking if anyone has a certain coupon before making a large purchase? I totally would have loved the Tieks coupon, but I never even thought about it.

The Guidelines state that we are supposed to post questions. I guess asking "does anyone have" or "would anyone like" is a question. We couldn't post anything that supports any personal business like percents off on Rodan and Fields or Pampered Chef. Since most everything for coupons is a code, if someone wanted the code they could inbox it to the person who wanted it.

No? Terrible idea? I probably am missing some really big reason that this is a bad idea . . .

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answers from Washington DC on

Hi "MilitaryMom6",

Great question thanks!

First, I'd say that as long as you aren't try to promote or sell any specific product or business to which you have a personal affiliation or means to profit by, you would not be in violation of any MMP rules or guidelines.

I especially like the idea of turning to the community when in need of a particular coupon. As you say, you never know when someone else may very well have exactly the coupon you are looking for. And, obviously, such a request can be easily posted in question form, e.g. Does any one have a Brookstone promo code I can use?

As to posting about a coupon that you don't need but think someone else might -I think that would be fine as well. In either case, I would probably be inclined as moderator to post a brief disclaimer generally stating that any such transactions and offers are strictly between members and not officially MMP endorsed or facilitated. I would probably also add that cash or payment for such items is against MMP rules. Free giveaway is fine, but selling would be a violation.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Overall, I think it's a great idea, thanks again for suggesting it.


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answers from Milwaukee on

Since Mike seems on board with this, what about starting a weekly thread? Once a week, someone (maybe Mike himself??) starts a coupon post, & then people can post what they have/need & coordinate that way. This would prevent multiple posts hitting the feed for people not interested in coupon-exchange, & still keep it relevant (weekly vs. monthly) for those who are. Thoughts? T. :)

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answers from New York on

Hi! You are exactly right that mine was just an example of a valuable coupon that I did not need right now (I don't even need to think about Tieks right now - the cold northeast, if anything, I'm focused on boots). And it does seem like a shame to let a valuable coupon go to waste. Of course, the thing about a coupon for something like Tieks - similar to the Tommy B coupons, I get those too - is that a person has to spend a not-small amount of money to even use the coupon! (So it's not always practical to just make the purchase now and save the item for when it's needed.)

I don't know what a perfect solution would be - but it certainly made me think it was a shame when I saw that you had been wanting to close on a Tieks purchase for so long and I had been in possession of an unused coupon!

Enjoy your Tieks!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Responding to Wild Woman... With the Kohl's coupon you can use the promo code online. There is often an accompanying free shipping coupon each every time for MVC members. I haven't been a MVC member in years but it still works.

If I am in Kohl's and see something I like (and didn't receive 30%) I will often take it to the kiosk, scan it, use the 30% promo code and have the item shipped to my home for free.

Where there is a will there is a way...

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answers from Washington DC on

The Kohls coupon needs to be with you - so you'd need to mail it to the person. I know they will accept it if you say "i have it" but still...

I know this has been done before on here. .I don't think the owners have a problem. I'd ask mike about it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

As long as the site isn't taken over by people asking for coupons I don't care.

Relately, people request and give away coupons on my local FreeCycle site frequently.



answers from Anchorage on

I feel like this is a parenting site for parenting questions. If we all start posting when we have coupons, the board could become bogged down with coupon posts and that would be a turn off to me personally.

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