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Updated on July 16, 2008
T.C. asks from Plainfield, IL
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Hi, has any one out there used the IUD Mirinia? Its seems like a good fit for me. I have 3 kids and I am positive we are done. I just dont understand how the procedure is done. My dr canceled our apt today since you must have your "monthly friend" when it is inserted. Does not sound pleasent. Does anybody know if it hurts? Any and all advice would be great. thanks for your help.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi T.,

I had Mirena inserted in early June. My doc preferred that I have my period during insertion, but my cycle had been so inconsistent after a few months of trying the Nuva Ring that he was okay with inserting it anytime. Insertion wasn't too painful...kind of like an annual pap test, just one that takes longer. There was a pinch when the Mirena "arms" popped open and then cramps. I had sporadic cramps for about two weeks and I've been spotting on & off since insertion, but I knew this going in. It can take 3-6 months for your body to adjust to the Mirena and many women experience cramps and spotting during that time. I'm okay with giving it 6 months to adjust, especially since after that time something like 80-90% of women stop having their period. In short, don't worry about the insertion - it's really not bad at all, especially since you've had three babies. In my opinion, the biggest issue to deal with is the spotting that you might have for months afterwards. Good luck with your decision!



answers from Chicago on

I had Mirena inserted in September of last year. I had a son in Feb 2007 and like you, we are 99% sure that we are finished. I actually wasn't on my period when I got it inserted because I was breastfeeding and I hadn't had a period yet. It was uncomfortable, but the pain was not unbearable. The worst part is a pinch (lasts about a minute or so) and some serious cramping. I took one one of my good 600mg Ibuprofen before I went to my appointment and I was okay. I was terrified when I went into the appointment because I read so many posts online and they were really bad. I actually almost chickened out, but my doctor's nurse talked to me when she saw me looking a little funny. She had an IUD and she told me exactly what I would feel and that eased my mind a little bit. I did spot for about 4-6 weeks afterwards and I get a very light period every few months. It has been great for me and after the 5 years I will more than likely be getting my tubes tied. I am not going to say that you will not feel any pain, but after having 2 children, to me, the pain compared nothing to that. The procedure took about a total of 2-3 minutes and it was all over.



answers from Chicago on

I had the mirena inserted in June 06 after my second son was born. I had some mild cramping the day it was inserted and had some bleeding for about a week. But after that, I have no complaints. I have not had to buy tampons for 2 years now, because the bleeding is so light and only lasts 1-2 days. Its great because you don't have to worry about taking a pill every day. You still are suppose to check every month to make sure you can feel the strings inside, if you can't your suppose to see your dr right away. I still experience all the same PMS symptoms though.

I would definitely recommend the Mirena. I did not have any side effects that I got from the pill (like weight gain) and its nice not having to pay for birth control every month and dealing with the hassel of picking it up at the pharmacy. Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

I've had Mirena since June '07. I have had no problems with it. I was not on my period when it was inserted. My doc said they prefer to do it during a period so that they are certain you are not pregnant. I was nursing a newborn at the time so wouldn't expect to get a period for months. My doc gave me a pregnancy test before inserting the IUD instead of waiting for a period. There was a slight pinching feeling during insertion, slightly more intense that a pap. I had cramping and some spotting for a few days then cramping alone for about a week. By the time I went in for my follow up appt, there was no more cramping or anything. The worst of the cramping was less painful that what I had after the birth of my babies, so all in all I didn't think it was all that painful. And you can't beat the convenience!

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