Question About Allergies and Planned C-section

Updated on June 12, 2007
T.H. asks from Supply, NC
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Hi, so I have a planned C-section for Thursday the 14th (YAY!!!). Since Friday (the 8th) evening I haven't felt very good. I think it's my allergies because my nose is stopped up and I'm constantly blowing my nose, and it usually happens right around this time of year EVERY year. I have been taking some medicine and cough drops (all okayed by the med list they give you at the ob/gyn office) to soothe my throat but my main worries are: 1) Is me being sick this close to the end of my pregnancy going to affect the baby in any way (esp since I'm taking meds.)? and 2) Would they move the date of the c-section? I've been having problems with the muscles in my legs lately (almost falling to the floor in pain!!) and my docs are telling me its because the weight of the uterus and baby is getting too big for me. I was just wondering because with my first baby, it wasn't a planned c-section and I didn't have the muscle pains. Thanks in advance if I get to sending flowers late :)

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So What Happened?

Well, the c-section went as planned and we introduced a 7 lb 11 oz Gabriel to an excited big brother Craven. Things went well until Tuesday when I got a fever of 102.0 and they still don't know what happened. But everything is great now and we're home. Craven is being such a good big brother, helping out how he can (handing me the baby's bottle and paci) and telling everyone that's HIS "baby brother". Thanks everyone !!!

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answers from Spartanburg on

I don't believe they will postpone the c-section due to allergies. I would watch your meds after the baby is born if you plan to breastfeed. Congratulations.



answers from Norfolk on

I wouldn't worry it too much. Your doctors know what risks there are if any. Personally I don't believe that there is any concern in your being stuffed up with allergens. I have allergies myself as well as the planned c-section, it honestly did not effect the baby at all.

Good luck on your delivery



answers from Columbia on

As long as the meds you're taking are on the 'ok' list, you don't have to worry about that at all. I had bronchitits during both of my preganacies and they didn't have any effect on the babies. Typically, the only reason they would move the date of the c-section is if you have a fever. If it's just alergies, you should be fine.

Good luck and congrats!



answers from Charlotte on

Hi T.,

I agree with the other mom. As long as they're on the OK list and you don't have a fever, it doesn't matter. Your experiencing the leg pain because your stomache muscles are more stretched out because of the first baby, so this baby isn't as "supported" as the first one. This baby is putting pressure on a nerve and causing the pain.


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