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Updated on June 26, 2010
M.T. asks from Eatontown, NJ
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The sippy cup has become my enemy. I think that I have bought almost every sippy cup on the market and I have yet to find one that does not leak. My daughter likes both the straw sippy and the regular sippy. The biggest problem that I have is when we are in the car she like to through her sippy cup when she is done so once I get to our destination there is a big wet spot where her sippy cup was. I do my best to pick up her cup when I see it on it's side but that doesn't always happen. At this point I don't care if I have to order a sippy cup from the other side of the world if I can just find one that does not LEAK. PLEASE HELP!

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So What Happened?

I have tried the platex ones (the twist and lock) and they only leak where the lock is. So much for the lock. I am so trying the Nalgene. My daughter loves to drink out of my water bottles and does a really good job with them. I don't even care that they are more expensive if they save my carpet and car. Thanks a ton!

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answers from Dallas on

I came here to post this same question! I guess I will be trying the Nalgene as well. Not only does my daughter not like the platex cups, but they spill at the lock for us too! Thanks for the post!

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answers from Indianapolis on

The ones that have held up the best for us year after year (we have a 4 year-old and a 2 year-old) are the Nalgene brand, but they're expensive. ~$8/cup, but they're worth it. They also hold a little more volume than normal sippy cups as well.

We originally found them at Dick's sporting goods, but we recently saw them at Target, too.

We've also had good luck with most of the Platex that have the valves (especially those that look like travel coffee mugs) and the Munchkin brand with valves (our kids have the Dora/Diego ones).

Good luck!

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answers from Cincinnati on

My kids practically went from bottle to straw because I despised sippy cups. The straw cups are soooo much better and can be closed when not in use. Also I would suggest tumblers from Tupperware. The lids have a suction straw opening and when there is no straw in it, nothing comes out when turned upside down!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I love the cups from Learning Curve, they have straws. For the most part they are 100% leak proof. If my son takes a drink and leaves some in the straw, that of course will spill out. But if there isn't any in the top of the straw they are perfect. He can lay it on the floor and there is no puddle after I pick it up. Gook luck!

I think it's a quest most of us have been on.

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answers from Dallas on

My 22 month old does the same thing with his cups. We have never had a problem with the platex sippys that have the silicon valve in them. Any cup that has a hard plastic valve will pop out if it hits something hard enough.

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answers from Chicago on

I have to second the Playtex post. I've recently switched to these from the Nuby brand, and will not buy anything else. My son also chucks them across the room, down stairs, etc.... and not a drop has spilled out.
Plus, since they're insulated, they keep drinks cool for him now that it's summer.
Big vote for them here!

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answers from Milwaukee on

Playtex has always been good to us... and the little silicon valve piece that you put in the bottom of the top can be replaced if damaged or not working (I found the replacement part at Babies R Us).

If the cup has cold liquid in it the wet spot could just be because of the condensation on the cup. The only way to avoid that is to give room temp liquids in the cup, or liquid that is a little cold but not straight from fridge.

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answers from New York on

I have a question. Why does your child need to drink when in the car? I dont understand this new idea that people have to drink 24/7 to keep 'hydrated'. WHAT?? Today everything is air conditioned or heated. Years ago before A/C people sweated without bottled water or drinking every 5 minutes and survived very nicely. I see people all the time driving and drinking a beverage. Thats almost as dangerous as texting, considering you have to uncap or unscrew the bottle and then tip your head to drink. Try leaving the sippy cup at home along with your water bottle.
Another thing is sippy cups are horrible for a child's teeth. Teach her to drink out of a real cup soon so her orthodontist will be unhappy.


answers from New York on

Sorry, I never found one but I did come up with some ideas to keep me sane. 1) Only water in the car, no stains. 2) There were no cups allowed on the furniture, and again only water or milk anyways. Hope that helps



answers from Portland on

The advent style sippy's NEVER leak. Their spouts are compatible with the stainless steel sippys which are more expensive, but can be found at places like homegoods for $6. With my first we went through so many sippy cups and the spouts get funky moldy build up eventually - it was hard to switch to the more expensive stainless steel ones, but they last forever. Each of my kids have 2 and in the long run they are not only healthier, but more economic.



answers from Los Angeles on

I was in your same boat until I randomly purchased my son a Cars sippy cup from the disney store... IT NEVER HAS LEAKED and I keep telling myself to go buy more! You would never think a random cup from the disney store would make a mom so happy but it does!!! :) Here is link, they make it different characters!! :) Good Luck



answers from New York on

we used the nuby ones. the didn't leak by themselves but if your child purposely squeezes the tip, the drink will shoot out. my 2 year old thought it was great. we don't use sippys anymore!



answers from Stationed Overseas on

We use the Gerber Sip & Smile and never had any problems. I bought a couple of super cute Learning Curve ones and they were horrible.


answers from San Antonio on

I recently went to the grocery store and on the JUICE aisle I saw these "Tummy Tickler" juice bottles. It had Bob the Builder, Clifford, Buzz Lightyear, etc so I bought one. It's the only cup I put dark juice in as I have yet to see it leak. My husband said he got it to leak when he shook it up and down. But one drop only when shaken was no big deal for me. It's top-rack dishwasher safe. I've washed them a few times now and have had no problems.

At my store, the juice bottle (comes with 100% apple juice) was $2.00. So now we have two of them. He always wants to drink out of these since his fav character is on top.



answers from Houston on

We use tommee tippee sippy cups. Found at Babies R Us. We have never had a problem with them leaking and my son will throw them. These are the best we've come across and we have tried many. We will stick with these. They are about $8 for a 2 pack.



answers from New York on

I have found that using the Avent bottles with the sippy tops is the very best in the no leakage field. You really might want to think about not giving anything to your child in the car since she likes to throw things. Not only is that dangerous, but it is only instilling bad manners. Be aware that using sippy cups that are non-leaking also means that the child has to suck harder on the cup in order for the liquid to come out. This excessive sucking can cause jaw problems later on.

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