Quantico, VA Art Teacher for My 9 Yr Old.

Updated on March 21, 2008
G.D. asks from FPO, AP
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Whenever anyone walks into my office, I sometimes get the question, "What grade is your daughter in, 11th or 12th?" They are looking at the pictures on my wall. They think that a high school kid has drawn and shaded these pics. "No, She is only 9." I normally get a look of shock before we continue in another conversational direction. If I come close to another mom who's kid has taken one of Katie's drawings home, I will hear the same thing. "She really has a talent, you should get her into an art school." Yeah, I know but we are moving to Quantico, Virginia and cannot find an artist there to guide her in the right direction.

I am looking for someone in the Quantico, Virginia area to take my talented kid under their wing and show her how to draw, paint, shade, etc. Ladies, send me whatever opinions you have on this. I will read every single one.

I did take her to an art/craft class teacher on the base. The lady said "I cannot teach her any more, she already really knows more than I do. She is quite good too. You should find a professional artist to mentor her." Like I said, I get it a lot.

The poor kid. We tried the soccer, baseball, gymnastics, etc. I pick her up from the gym and she has made a 3-D rose with faded petals and etched stems from paper. I asked her "What did you learn in gym?" "Oh-nothing, but I made this!" Is the normal response. I watched her through the mirrored glass the entire time. She is not interested in the physical sport stuff at all.

My dad is an artist as well but will not be in the same state.

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So What Happened?

Since I still have not arrived in Quantico, VA yet. I am still in the research phase. One mom gave me an internet option that I am going to persue. Keep the suggestions coming! I really want to find the best for my talented artist.

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I grew up in Prince William County in Occoquan/Woodbridge Va. Try this web site for the art school. They are very good. http://www.center-for-the-arts.org/
Its in Manassas which is next to Quantico. Not too far of a drive.
Hope this helps

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Your daughter sounds like me when I was her age! She is very fortunate to have parents who recognise and wish to nurture her talent. Why don't you look into Mark Kissler draw squad or another art program offered to homeschoolers? It would be less expensive than a private tutor and she can learn just as much. Have her enter contests to get recognition. Go online and see how many art contests there are! My children both recently entered a military family poster contest throught the ymca. I teach art and had all of our students submit an entry. Good luck!

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This is just a thought. There are kids who take classes at a college prior to graduating high school. Maybe you can go to one of the local colleges and ask if she can "audit" a class. Perhaps an afternoon class when her school is out for the day. It would at least provide another opportunity for her to connect with other artists. (supervision might be required though)

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It is exciting to have a child that has shown al lot in art or other area. As far as art instructors in your specific area, I do not know of any, but I can offer this advise. I graduated from college with my degree in Fine Art and found my art school instructors to be the best that I have known.If there is an art school, college or university near you ask the Dean of the Art Department if any one is interested. If not than you can always ask if they know of anyone. They might even be able to recommend a reliable student that is willing to tutor. I saw a few signs in the hallways while I was going to school that had Tutor wanted. Another resource would be local art musueums. A lot of them have art classes for adults and even children. A local artist might tutor as well. If none of these options are available surround her in her art interests. There is always looking through art history books at famous artist and studying brush strokes, shadin, contouring, line, gester strokes, etc. I would love to be able to see some of her work. I hope that I have been able to help you. If you have any other questions for me send me an email to GMAIL.com at webbgraphix

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