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Updated on January 02, 2007
J.S. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
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I have been a single parent since my son was born and have always had to work. Luckily I was working in the medical field and only had to work 3 days a week. Well, my new job has me working 8-5 Mon- Fri. With cooking, and cleaning, and running errands on weekends, I feel like I am missing out on so much quality time with my son. Does anyone have any suggestions for making the most out of our time together?

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Hi J.,
I'm a single mom too, just reciently moved in with my b-friend but did it on my own for over 10 years, I did feel a lot like I was racing around to get everything done and try to still have quality time with my son, maybe your dishes can wait but mine couldn't, I wouldnt have enough for the next meal if they did, but I did involve my son a lot with helping me cook, clean or sometimes we just didnt get as much time together, finally after a while, I decided it was funner for me to do the dishes after he went to bed, It was kind of meditative to put in some old Bonnie Raitt, Light an insence and clean up the house and get ready for the next day. Felt like Me Time. Also, when overwhelmed, I have called a friend (who understands) to come help me clean. One thing I really liked was a tape I listend to that I checked out from the library called "Wonderful Ways to Love Your Child", I liked that because It taught me how to make more moments special with my son, even when I couldnt sit and play or give him my complete attention for lengths of time, Just a note in his lunch or flowers at the end of the day, or telling him before a test "Good luck on your test, I'll be thinking about you today" things like that that I feel bring and keep us close and connected.



answers from Denver on

The dishes can wait. So can the laundry, the vacuuming, dusting...you get the point. Chores will always be there but your son won't always stay the same. It's far more important to spend time with him than to make sure the chores are done.

If it comes down to it, I'd have no problems doing dishes just once or twice a week.

Also at 3 yrs old you could involve your son in chores. No, he can't get the dishes spotless, but he can help you put laundry away, or dust, or wipe down the table after dinner etc. Cook with him too. No, it may not be safe for him to chop an onion, but it should be fine for him to help put together a salad. Have him help you pick out the salad toppings, set the table. Things like that. That'll not only teach him to take care of himself and his surroundings but it can still be a bonding for the 2 of you to do chores together.

You'll get things done in shorter amount of time, plus you're bonding with your son at the same time.



answers from Denver on

Have you ever thought you could maybe invest in a housekeeper? Maybe once a week or every two weeks? They are well worth the money and do such a great job. My housekeeper is excellent and worth every penny. If you want her number please let me know! Good luck.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I had to go back to work full-time recently! I always worked part-time since my daugther was born. I've had a very had time with full-time. Fortunately, I'm good at letting the dishes sit, or dealing with clutter, but it's still hard to find a lot of quality time. My biggest challenge is that she is so crabby when I pick her up at 5 from day care cause she's been 'good' all day for her teachers and she knows she can let loose. I just let her have a little down time and watch cartoons and then try and give her some time before and after dinner. But it's definately a challenge!

FYI- I'm recently separated from my husband and have a 3 year old, so maybe you have some good single mom tips for me!! Good luck!

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