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Updated on July 06, 2010
L.H. asks from West Jordan, UT
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I have come to despise wearing anything but a sports bra, but I can only wear those when I'm at home or out doing something active. I know I'm wearing the right size bra, but after I wear one five or six times it doesn't fit right anymore and drives me insane. I guess that's just from stretching and losing shape.

Where can I find a bra that won't lose it's shape and support me for more than a couple weeks???

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answers from Minneapolis on

I love the Gilligan & OMalley brand at Target. I found them after reading a comparison test that had been done. Their 'uplifter' bra was rated higher then VS's! And personally I can say I agree. Not to mention that they cost 75% less. I've had mine for 2plus years now and it still fits like it did day 1.

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answers from Dallas on

I splurge on Wacoal bras, too. They don't stretch out or lose their shape after a few wearings. I am a rather strange size (32 DD, and it's all natural), so I generally have to buy expensive bras anyway, since cheaper bras don't always come in my size. I used to buy Victoria's Secret bras, but they stretched out and lost their "lift" quickly and weren't worth the money.

I also like Le Mystere and Rigby and Peller bras, but I can only afford them on a good sale.

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answers from Chicago on

My favorite bras are Natural Touch by Vanity Fair, purchased at Target. They are comfy and I have not had any problems with stretching, etc. even after an extended time.



answers from Houston on

Hi. I hope you're not putting your bras in the dryer b/c that ruins them. My sister came in town and noticed that "the ladies" weren't too perky so she took me to a dept. store and had me fitted and then bought the bra for me. I thought I was a 38b. Turns out I am a 36d! Holy cow!! And I love Modern Movement from Dillards dept. store.


answers from Houston on

ive been struggling with this lately, i have always been a size c(where any old crappy bra will work), but now im a dd,,,,,sometimes e (breastfeeding).......i have spent so much money on cheap bras because i hope this isnt my permanent size. But all of these bras fail.

and fail miserably

Do yourself a favor, get professionally measured and buy the good bras. Victorias secret is where i would reccomend, they have semi annual sales, coupons. and they have simple and sexy bras both.

Go get yourself a beige, a black, a white, and a lacey number, in expensive (yet on sale) bras......youll spend about 150, but its nothing compared to what you will spend on 20~ 15 dollar bras that dont last a week



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes.. I splurge on Wacoal bras as well! I too am a 32DD, they make all sizes!! I buy them at Nordstorms and usually spend about $60! If you go into Nordstoms they will size you and help you pick out a bra they best fits you! A good bra is well worth them money in my mind!! Good Luck


answers from Dallas on

Go to a good department store and get fitted by a professional. I personally like Neimans and Nordstrom but you can get a good fitting at Penneys, DIllards and Macy's.

I love Wacoal bras. I spend about $60 per bra but they are long lasting, comfortable and worth the money.

You get what you pay for



answers from Salt Lake City on

I love title nine thay have great bras and great work out clothes as well.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Wacoal bras are the only ones that work for me. I am a 32 DDD and have the hardest time finding anything in my size. They are worth the money in the end. Good luck.

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