Purple/blue Feet in 1 Year Old

Updated on April 05, 2008
E.M. asks from Louisville, KY
13 answers

my daughter has had this for quite a while however it seems to be getting more frequent and last longer.... here feet arnt that cold, she doesnt have anything tight on her legs or feet. im scared! I have brought this up with her doctor and she just brushed it off, but im her momma and im just not ready to let it go without knowing whats causing this. has anyone else gone through this... did your doctor listen to you? is their anything i should ask about?? i cant find anything online which is really freaking me out. b/c EVERYTHING is online lol

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answers from Louisville on

E.,something is really wrong here with your daughter.I think you need to get her to a cardiologist or an endocrinologist.Don't allow these other silly and incompetent doctors sway you.You KNOW when there's something wrong when it's wrong.Purple/blue just isn't normal! It amazes me how these other doctors(if that's what they call themselves)can simply dismiss this so lightly!Sounds like malpractice to me.I'll be looking on the internet for you.When I come up with anything,I'll let you know.God Bless. ****** I looked under 'purple feet in children' on the search engine.Look it up like that and it will take you to "Righthealthcommunities" that talks about purple feet in children.---S. L.



answers from Chattanooga on


I had this problem with my middle daughter, i have three 17,13 and 12, she ended up having a heart murmur which caused poorer circulation in her legs. Not enough to swell or cause major concern but enough that i wouldn't let it go at nothing. I ended up seeing a pediactric cardiologist who just kept a closer eye on her to make sure she didn't need surgery she outgrew it and has been pretty good since.

Even if it is nothing your pediatrician should not be brushing you off even if you were in the office every day this is your child and you know when something isn't right. I would try for a second opinion just to see what they think, keep pushing until you are comfortable with the results.

Good luck and God Bless.



answers from Lexington on

I have a 13 month old that caused me concern recently when I noticed her hands, feet, and lips suddenly turning blue without apparent cause (cold, binding garments, etc). Her pediatrician said typically that's very normal for a child this age as their nervous and circulatory systems aren't fully developed - especially if the child is fair-skinned. She reassured me that it was probably this that was causing the color change but sent me to get a chest XRay anyway just to rule out heart disease.

The XRay process was excruciating, frightening, and horrible for my baby. It took three techs to try andhold her down, and finally they went to a baby holder to keep her still - which looked like a medieval torture device. it included a saddle, leather straps, and a plastic cage to keep her upright and arms over her head. The CXRay was negative for any disease.

I would believe your pediatrician that it's nothing and let it go. If it really bothers you, ask another ped in the same office or go see a different (highly recommended) ped. I have confidence in my ped because we have a great rapport and I feel listened to. It sounds like you may have a deeper problem (and typical unfortunately) of a lack of confidence in ped bc he/she doesnt listen attentively, explain things, answer questions you should've asked but don't know enough to because you're not a doctor, and perhaps even your ped has "overprotective mom" syndrome - anyone who is concerned evnough for their child to ask questions is obviously an affront to their business and thus stupid. Yeah we've had that kind of pediatrician too.

Point: It's probably nothing, just normal physical immaturities. It could be heart disease if it involves her lips.

Point: Check your gut on your relationship with your ped and see if maybe there's someone else out there you have more confidence in.

Good luck!



answers from Charlotte on

Dear E.,

I can't help but feel that you might want to take your child to a pediatric cardiologist, because I wonder if her circulation is adequate to get blood to her feet. My younger son who just turned 13 yesterday had some intermittant chest pains and some irregular heart beats. He's an athelete, so I decided not to just lay awake at night and worry. I took him to a pediatric cardiologist, had a 24 hour Holter report done, and an echocardiogram. He has a functional murmer, which is non-threatening and will eventually disappear when he gets larger, and the irregular heart beat is the kind that is okay. The pain evidently has to do with growing. Do I mind the trouble I took to find this out, or the money I spent on my part of the payment after insurance? No. It's money worth spent because I don't have to worry about him anymore. Maybe this would be a good thing for you to do to. Let us know what happens, E..
All my best,



answers from Nashville on

It sounds like she has circulation problems and I would go to a pediatric doctor. This is something to be concerned about. So if you feel and know there is something not right then honey go w/ your gut feeling. B/c the worst feeling is to know something isn't right and you wait to late and then to find out it is something serious. Then you will feel bad for not doing something about it when you felt something was wrong.
Good luck w/ whatever decision you make--Jessie



answers from Nashville on

Hi E.,
Don't let your daughter's pediatrician brush you off. You are the momma and you know when there is something not right with your child. There has to be an explanation for why your daughter's feet are blue. It sounds like it could be something with circulation. I think you should seek a second opinion!!! Good luck.



answers from Nashville on

I think I would get a second opinion! I think your daughter may have a circulation problem. It wouldn't hurt to do an EKG. I would take her to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.



answers from Nashville on

Hey E.,

I agree that it sounds like circulation issues but you need to start with a podiatrist (foot doctor) and he will direct you to a vascular doctor if he/she feels necessary. They will most likely listen to her pulses in her feet and ask you questions about your daughters medical history. I am pretty sure that an endocinologist specializes in the endocrine system (glands and hormones) and if I am not mistaken, a cardiologist specializes in heart and lungs. A vascular doctor specializes in blood vessels which are part of the circulation sytems. Now days, doctors are specialized and that may be why you aren't getting the answer from your pediatrician. He doesn't specialize in that area. I work in a podiatrist office and we specialize only in feet and ankle. I hope this helps!



answers from Raleigh on

it sounds like a problem with circulation. you need to drop your doctor and find one that will listen to you. i might even entertain the idea of taking her to the emergency room next itme it happens.



answers from Nashville on

I would get a second opinion, Does she ever have any trouble breathing, shortness of breath, grunting alot. Sometimes if there hands and feet are blue/purple, she may not be getting enough oxygen. I had a friend whom her baby (At birth) had some heart trouble, she is fine now but she did the same thing lips, hand and feet blue. Who is your pediatrician if you don't mind me asking. I work for a pediatrician, I am a nurse so I may can help you find a great Doctor. Please let me know and keep me updateted. Jennifer



answers from Huntington on

If she's fair-skinned, you're probably just seeing the blood circulate through her skin. My kids always had really red feet, and I do, too. If you press against her foot and it turns white, and then turns red or the same color as the surrounding tissue in just a minute, her circulation is probably pretty good. If blood were pooling in her feet instead of returning to her heart, her feet would probably swell some. But if you're really worried and your doctor brushes you off, maybe you're either a constant worrier who is always going to the doctor with problems, or maybe the doctor isn't good with new moms. So if you're really worried, I'd take her to another pediatrician (in a different practice) for a second opinion and to see if you like his or her bedside manor better. Some doctors just aren't a good fit, and your pediatrician should make you feel more comfortable about your ability to take care of your children, not brush you off. If, on the other hand, you're in there once a week with the disease of the month, it's time for you to check with your own doctor to learn to control your anxiety before you teach your children to live the same way. Either way, I'd go for the second opinion just to set your mind at ease.