Purchasing Shoes "On Approval"

Updated on February 05, 2009
E.T. asks from Englewood, CO
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Hi ladies:

I'm hoping to get some recommendations for shoe stores that allow shoes to be purchased "on approval." I'm being fitted for orthotics for various foot problems, and need to have any new shoes "gait-tested" for a few minutes at the orthopedist, as the orthotics will only solve part of my issues.

I've tried a couple of local (non-chain) shoe stores, but they only return for in-store credit. (And acted like I was trying to cheat them when I explained my situation....) I don't want to risk doing a return for credit -- as I may not end up finding ANY shoes at that store that are appropriate for me.

I know that some running shoe stores will do sales on approval, but I also need casual, non-running shoes. And, while I've been resigned to wearing "sensible" shoes for some time, I'd prefer shoes that don't look too geriatric!

Any recommendations for the Denver area (especially south Denver and suburbs) would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi E.,

I know Kohl's stores are great about returns. With your gait test, chances are you are going to be inside wearing the shoes any way, so it should not be an issue. Keep in mind, even if things don't work out at those other stores and you have an in-store credit, you can use that credit for your child (so make sure they have more than women's shoes). Assume you could also sell or give the credit to someone else. Email me on the side if you would like more info on some natural technologies that can help all sorts of feet problems. I've seen many amazing things.

Take care,

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HI E.,
I'm a huge fan of www.zappos.com because the shipping is free both ways, no sales tax, and the shoes I've purchased from there arrived overnight. About a year ago when I was boot shopping, I went online, read the user reviews on each pair, purchased 4, they arrived next day, I tried them on, and then I just shipped back the pairs I didn't want to keep (and no fees to ship them back!). I would make sure your gait test is on carpet so you don't scuff the soles, but this has been a great option for me. Good luck shoe shopping!

S. Mesh
Development Director
Cultural Care Au Pair - www.culturalcare.com
[email protected]____.com

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I've returned shoes to Off Broadway with no problem. As long as they haven't been worn. I wouldn't mention what you're doing. I doubt they would look worn. Are you really wearing them longer than you would if you were trying them on in the store? If you go there, be sure to check out the clearance in the back! It's hit or miss, but when it's good, it's great! I go to the one at Wadsworth and Belleview. GL! I hope your feet feel better soon! The Clarks have done a lot for my feet feeling better. They carry both running and casual and dress type shoes. I don't like the Michael Shannon shoes for the most part, but maybe it's just my feet.

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I don't know whether they do it but it's worth a try. New Balance at Broadway & Dartmouth is usually good for walking and running shoes. Not sure whether they do "on approval" or not. It's been a number of years since I had to return anything there but they didn't have a problem with me returning them then.

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Also, just ask the store what the return policy is. If it is 7 days and the shoes are 'unworn', ie just worn on carpet then you are probably Ok with buying, testing and returning. GL!!

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