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Updated on September 05, 2007
K.H. asks from Midland, TX
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I am just wondering if anyone out there is a teacher and has tried to pump rather than use formula when going back to work? I will be off for the first six weeks of school with a newborn and will nurse, but once I go back I want to pump. I will only be able to pump when the kids go to PE and possibly at lunch, and I am wondering when I will get everything else done that teachers must do!! If I have parents come to visit during PE, then there goes my pump time and I will have engorgement problems the rest of the day. I would love any advice or ideas!! Thanks!

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answers from Lubbock on

I'm not a teacher, but have pumped for all three of my children at work. You just have to let everyone that you work with know what is going on. People are actually very supportive. I agree with some of the other responses. You will just have to set boundaries for people disturbing you while you need to pump. If you have your own classroom, then I would pump in there with the door locked. I use the Playtex embrace double electric pump which is designed to use both sides at the same time, but with only one hand. This pump will allow you to do other things while you are sitting there pumping. Teachers and parents will understand what you are doing if you set limits as to when you are available. Your child is more important than some parent needing to talk to you right then. If it's that important to them, then they will talk to you when you are available. Good luck, and don't give up.



answers from Corpus Christi on

You need to talk with your principal and tell them your plan.. Then, you will have to make sure that parent's make appointments when you have time available. Your child comes first! It will work out.




answers from San Antonio on

I am not a teacher but when my daughter was born I tried to go back to work and pump. I would go to the rest room and use the handicapped stall and set up two chairs one to sit on and one for the pump. Mine was electric I loved it! It was so much faster than the manual. They also make a bra that you can attach the pump on to and be hands free. It works great! Also with the noise mine was fairly quiet I had the alameda brand. Your production may slow down though b/c you will not be able to pump every time your child is eating. Also while you are pumping they say that if you are able to look at a picture of your child it will help your milk drop and flow better. I wish you all the best! Good luck!



answers from San Antonio on

Hey K.,
I pumped with both of my children. I don't know what pump you are using but I used a bra called Easy Expression Bustier which you can either wear under your regular nursing bra or put on before you pump. The great thing about it is that it keeps the cups in place and you have your hands free to do things like grade papers, use the computer, etc.
Bloom Maternity(which I own) carries it here in SA www.bloommaternity.net - I think they are around $30 and totally worth it. We have a ton of nursing/pumping moms who purchase for themselves and then come back and buy for their friends.
Congratulations on baby number 2! Hope it is going well for you.



answers from Lubbock on

If you pump in the morning before you got to school a lot of the time you can go through the day. Aren't you suppose to get a lunch period? The schools are also required to give you the time and a private location to do so. You may consider working something out with another teacher so you can have the time to do this. You may be able to combine classes for a short period of time and give each other an added break.

You may want to look into resources available by the school. have you talked to the principal? Just suggestions! If I did it as soon as I got up and maybe when the kids get out of school you will be okay. You body produces milk as you need it. The first few times may result in engorgement. However, your body will adapt.



answers from Wichita Falls on

I taught high school, I pumped during my planning time and at lunch in the nurse's office. I also graded and ate lunch while pumping. I used an Avent manual pump - it worked well, but there are women who use Medela and a pumping bra. From what I understand, you feel like a cow being milked - but whatever works, right.

As far as parents coming in during PE time - I'd talk to the principal and let them know that you will be available before and after school for parent conferences, not during PE.




answers from San Antonio on

I have never done this personally since I stay at home but when I was teaching I worked with a teacher who had to pump and she would go to the teacher bathroom which was a private lounge kind of thing and she would sit in there and pump during her breaks. I would check with places you can do it or put a sign on your door letting people know not to disturb you. I agree with you to keep up the nursing! :) Great job!




answers from Austin on

HaHaHa - I remember the days! With my first, I was in a portable adjoined with another room, so I was never really alone. As a matter of a fact, towards the end, the teachers didn't even care that I was pumping, they'd still come in and ask stuff while I was taking care of business! It was crazy! Privacy is a hard one to work around. With my second, I could lock my own private door, conceal with window with construction paper (I just had it taped to the middle of the door and would move it over onto the glass at pumping times, then back after I was done) this also served as a warning to other teachers. I'd even turn the lights off when I was in there so the kids wouldn't think anyone was in there, but with the door locked, I had some privacy. Okay, here's the other fun part: I'd eat lunch and pump and check emails at the same time! Team members would help with copies when needed so I could pump. There were times when I'd talk to parents on the phone while pumping. Oh, that's another issue (sorry) electric breast pumps are very noisy! I found the handheld was quiet, more portable (less heavy), and easier to do with one hand while using the other for working! Parents are grownups who have had kids, so just explain to a parent that you are planning on pumping during PE, so they could feel free to give you a call or hold off on visits until the last 20 minutes of PE (our specials were 45 minutes long and you won't need that whole time to pump). Also, on a positive note, you'll be able to come in late on faculty meetings and grade level meetings if you need to take care of pumping beforehand, which is nice because those things never start on time anyway or are just filled with chit chat anyway! :)A.

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