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Updated on September 22, 2010
E.L. asks from Lyons, IL
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Ok, so I've started trying to place just the "idea" of potty training to my 16 mon old. I'm no where near trying in earnest. From time to time we've used a potty to help with constipation issues (gravity, if nothing else) and it had her somewhat fearful of the potty. In recent months, the constipation issue is pretty much resolved and I'm trying to put a positive spin of the potty so I've put it in our bathroom; complete with mags and toys and a pillow to lean back on and she's gotten so she likes to sit on it when mommy sits on "hers"....so...long explanation! My question is are pull-ups as absorbent as diapers? Will they keep a big poo in check? (sorry tmi) Can I put her in pull ups to use as "practice panties" so I don't have to waste a diaper every time she wants to sit? Do they work as well overnight or should I use regular diapers for that? Just looking for input, hoping to train around 2 yrs. so I still have a bit but if she's curious, I'm encouraging! Thanks in advance! E.

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So What Happened?

So I think I may give the pull-ups a go at least for 1 package, during the day, just to see how it goes...I thank you all for your input on the diapers. It pretty much confirms what I thought about pull-ups in general. For those of you who expressed concern....I know what you say is well-meaning and heartfelt BUT I am not "making" my daughter do anything, I am simply following cues that she is giving me. I am the one who is with her pretty much 24/7. I know there will be set backs no matter how it is handled and I doubt there is much connection to potty training and say.....an ax-murderer or a.....senator....I'm sure she will be fine. This is a place of advise and support and I value it greatly, but I see far too often input that can often come off as judging (whether it's meant to or not and I know most often it is not) Unless a child is in danger, please refrain from telling someone how to raise their kid. I wish you peace, love and kindness in your lives, E.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have found that pull ups are not as absorbent as diapers. I am in the process of potty training and still use diapers for naps and overnights, otherwise he wakes up wet all over.

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pull ups are very absobent if you want to encourage her potty training I would use them. I put my son in them at about 12 months when he first showed interest in the potty so he could sit on the potty any time. the great thing is they will be able to tell when they're wet.At night I still used diapers so that the wetness feeling wouldnt wake him untill he was further along in his potty training

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Pull-ups are absolutely not as absorbent as diapers. They are horrible when your child poops in them. They are designed so that the child can actually feel it when they have gone. If you are going to be around the house, you can use them as practice panties for short periods, but don't count on them if you're going out.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

if you are going to seriously train your daughter, you can go to pull ups, but if you won't really spend the time to trin, I would stick with diapers. My daughter at 18 months showed intereste and so we started to train here then. But kept her in diapers. She just wanted to sit on the potty and that was fine. She was 26 months and one day just decided she was done with diapers and everything. She has been using the potty perfect ever since. we do use a pull up at night ut she has never had an accident. We swiitched to the cloth taining pants and that has been WELL worth it. Though no accidents i don't have the expense of pull ups.

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answers from Chicago on

id by diapers that one can reuse since the pullups cost a heck of a lot more, which diapers do you use that you cant put back on the child if they are clean? also 16 months is a bit early to start trying, but no harm in giving it a go. O and pull ups are a scam...they cost a lot of $$$ and to a child its a diaper

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answers from Dover on

They don't hold things in as well as diapers but they are better than cloth training pants when accidents occur. I have also found that although convenient, kids know it is "ok" if an accident occurs in a pull-up and therefore can actually hinder potty training.

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answers from Missoula on

I have a son who is almost 3 and I just took his pull-ups away. I have found that they actually hinder potty training, at least they did in our case. My son knew they worked just like diapers, so he wouldn't bother using the potty.
They are less absorbent and more expensive than diapers. They do make overnight pull-ups that we do still use at nighttime, but a diaper would certainly work just as well, I just happened to have a box of pull-ups.
I would suggest that when your daughter is ready, just switch to big-girl underpants. And please wait until she is ready. If you try to train her on your schedule rather than hers you are setting yourself up for failure and possibly set the process back months.
Good luck to you!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I used pull-ups with my son for almost a year and a half--till he finally got the hang of using the potty. They seemed to work fine for me, even overnight. But they do cost more and you get less in a pack of them for the money. Most diapers tabs can be opened and closed without ruining the diaper so you could just use those. The pull-ups were very absorbent but I don't think they made an difference in the actual potty training.


answers from Milwaukee on

Pull Ups cost a lot more and I think using a diaper is easier but his pre-school wanted them in Pull-Ups so he wears them to school but we switch back to diapers later in the day.

They don't absorb as well as diapers, probably because they are used for training assuming they won't be "used" as much like a diaper. They tend to leak faster than diapers and I never use them for overnights.



answers from Chicago on

Pull ups are meant to be used in place of underwear when you are seriously potty training your child . They are meant to be used at night in case of accidents for a short period of time until your child can remain dry at night. My question is why do you want to start potty training your child so young. It is Very young to start this. Please rethink this.



answers from Boston on

pull ups are a huge waist of money. They are over prices less absorbent diapers. I don't know why you would be wasting a diaper everytime she sits if its dry why can't you just put it back on her? When she hits 2 and you devote to potty training full time ditch all diapers for when she is awake otherwise you will have a long battle.
edited: I just wanted to let you know I don't think its too early. I know lots of kids that were potty trained before they were 2 and my youngest was fully trained shortly after turning 2. :)

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