Pubic Bone Separation (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)

Updated on January 02, 2010
J.F. asks from Honolulu, HI
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Help! I am almost four months out from my delivery (38 hours, a botched epidural, my infant was 'stuck' in the birth canal for over an hour and a half, an OB who did not use anasthesia during the repair, and more, ugh). Luckily, no harm came to my daughter--she is thriving and happy, thank goodness! However, nearly two months after delivery, my OB finally diagnosed my pubic bone as separated. I have trouble walking/standing for too long of a time (i.e. a trip to the grocery store does me in). Does anyone else have experience with this condition? How long did it take to heal? I have since switched OBs; this new one is now referring me to an orthopedist. Any advice on what to expect in terms of treatment?

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I have pain like that but it's a diase that I got from haven babies it's called stiches stitice it's where i get blader infetions all the time for no reason at all and kidnee infections and I have a problem with haven intorcores with my husband it fells like razerblades cuting me in side it's where my balder liner is'nt lineing up were its supossto any way Isuck at spelling sorry any way I am 23 years old and I should not fell like I,m not normal I want to but to fell like that i would have to take meds that coast 200.00 every month and I dont have that much money to spend on meds any way I do know what you are felling I hope you start felling better soon . A. l.

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I also had Pubic Bone Symphysis with my son. Six weeks after my quick and easy home delivery, I asked my midwife why I was still feeling so much pain. She gave me a simple exercise to to three times a day that helped a ton. I'll see if I can describe it for you. Lay on your back with your feet flat on the ground or bed, so your knees are bent. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart and facing forward (not to the side). Have a partner hold your knees steady while you try to push them out for 5 seconds, then again while you push your knees in for 5 seconds. Repeat this 5 times. One of the directions (I don't remember which) hurt pretty bad at first, and my midwife said that is what is causing the reconnection and repair. I could always feel an improvement though by the end of each session. I think we did it for about a month. Now my son is five months and I only very rarely feel pain. It's worth a shot!




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I'm a birth doula and have had clients with this problem. The other suggestions for chiropractic care are excellent. You need to find one who knows the "Webster technique". It is specific to that problem and not all chiropractors know how to do it. Call locally and ask or goodle it and find someone in your area specially trained. It can be corrected.



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I had SPD with my last child, very badly. I would cry just rolling over in bed. It can be helped MAJORLY by a trip to a good chiropractor. When you're pregnant, your bones and muscles all relax because of the hormones. Sometimes afterward, they settle back into bad positions. Chiro care can REALLY help.

FWIW...I don't know if anyone has told you this, but epidurals can actually *CAUSE* malpositions in the baby, and end up with a "stuck" baby. Moms don't realize the importance of staying mobile during labor, so that malpositions don't occur. Thankfully you didn't end up with a c-section like most moms do now!!




answers from Eugene on

I absolutely second the chiropractor idea. I had this during my pregnancy and the only way I could stay walking is regular visits to the chiropractor. One familiar with pregnancy and postpartum preferred. So sorry your birth was so traumatic for you. I hope you heal quickly.
W. Jones
Breastfeeding Educator



answers from Cheyenne on

Yes, get to a Chiropractor ASAP to begin treatment for this. Don't expect an overnight, 1-time treatment to heal you, it will take time and several-many(?) adjustments, but you will fell better and better after each one.

When I had my first son, I separated my pubic bones by running at 8 months pregnant. 15 years later, pregnant with my twins, it gave me problems again when I got so big. Without my regualr adjustments, I could brely walk on my own. Lucky for me, it healed on it's own during delivery. I had no "hospital interventions" though, as I delivered mine at home with a midwife (so I did ALL the work- LOL!)
I do hope you feel better. If you do go to the orthapedic dr, and he mentions the word "surgery"--make sure to get a 2nd opinion from a Chiropractor. If you can find one who uses the "activator" method of adjusting, it will be easier to adjust you, in my opinion. (the opinion of the wife of a Chiropractor).



answers from Fargo on

Get to a good chiropractor that is familiar with this, ASAP!!!!!!!!! Don't wait any longer! Contact me if you want a name of one in Grand Forks (he may know of ones in Fargo that are familiar with this too).
IF you email me privately, I can send you some other resources too.



answers from Portland on

I think my pubic bone was at the brink of separation near the end of my pregnancy. I have no real diagnosis, but I had a lot of pain standing at work and even after I delivered it hurt. I only went through 8 hours of labor and 4.5 hours of pushing before my OB told me I would need a c-section. My little guy was also stuck in the birth canal at 0 station. There was a lot of pushing and pulling involved during the surgery to get him unstuck. Anyway, 11 months later, the pain is gone. I used a heating pad on the area to help ease the pain. I don't remember exactly when it went away, but it has been a few months since I remember having to take a rest from a trip to the store. It faded away gradually. Hope to have helped or at least let you know you're not alone.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have had similar problems my son was stuck for 2 and hour hours. I did not have alot of propblems until my daughter was born. Bedrest from 28 weeks on and 6 months after. 2 years later it totally searated again and I have been off my feet for 5 weeks now and still know sign the pain will be gone soon. Doctor does not know what to do????? Very Frustrated and in much pain. From Canada



answers from Portland on

I don't know exactly what your going through but I can tell you your going to need a lot of help from people with your baby while your recovering and I know that its going to be hard for you to ask for help but please do it. The reason I say that is because I need to ask for help once in a while with my two year old son because I have CP (Cerebral Palsy)and I have a hard time doing some things with him such as chasing him when he runs away from me.

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