Updated on January 24, 2013
P.A. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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I have a dear friend that is in desperate need of some professional help. Unfortunately she has no insurance and very little money...........any suggestions??

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answers from Appleton on

Can she apply for medical assistance or Medi-Cal. Contact social services and see what help is available for her.

If it's a domestic violence situation you can also contact a shelter or hotline and see what is available. Many shelters offer support groups or counseling for non-residents.

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answers from Dallas on

Catholic Charities can help her, and she doesn't need to be Catholic.

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answers from San Diego on

Have her call 211 for Los Angeles. There is also NAMI. Be with her while she calls. as there are many avenues though it may feel overwhelming to her.

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answers from Lexington on

I agree with Angela G TX. I was about to give the same answer - Catholic Charities, and the person does not need to be Catholic!

NAMI has support groups, which can be a nice addition, but it is not therapy.

CC offers therapy with psychology students or an LCSW (therapists that are often better than psychologists), or students doing their practicums with oversight, on their way to obtaining their licensing.

CC often offers various modalities of treatment including CBT and sometimes even EMDR (excellent for traumas).

If CC feels they cannot help the person they will probably refer that individual to a group or person that can.

If they feel that the person requires medical attention (sometimes what we think is "psychological" or "mental" is very much a biological/medical issue), they will probably advise medical care. Unfortunately, if doctors THINK it is "mental" the patient often will not get the appropriate medical testing and care (our family went through that).

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answers from Washington DC on

where does she live?

Direct her to the local social services office who can direct her to doctor's who do charity work, etc. She may be able to apply for welfare and food's there for people who NEED IT.

I would also go to my church. The priest, pastor or Rabbi might be able to help her as well. And if not, direct her to a place that can help her.

Good luck!

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answers from Eugene on

Check with universities that have a program in psych or counseling. Graduates must intern in order to get their license. During this time, they are often available for counseling at reduced rates, on a sliding scale.



answers from Los Angeles on

LA should have social services for people with no insurance. They have a woman and children program. Not sure where to check though.



answers from Los Angeles on

There should be county clinic they may help (Department of Mental Health). My hubby works there he takes patients with no insurance.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have not seen this therapist but in my building is a therapist with over 15 years of counseling experinece offering a low-cost fee of $15 for the first session. She will operate on a sliding scale on a case-by-case basis.

Her name is Ngina Tobias, LCSW,PPSC
Located in Long Beach



answers from Redding on

Contact the local County Health Department.

They can give her resources that charge on a sliding scale or provide services for free.

Best wishes.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi! If your friend lives close to Simi Valley or Westlake Village please have her call: Elena Rybko at ###-###-####. She is certified and licensed psychologist and she is great! She said that she will work with your friend's finances. If it's too far away she can try websites and to find a therapist in her area. Good Luck!

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