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Updated on July 20, 2016
H.W. asks from Portland, OR
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Ever since Kiddo played Little Big Planet with his friend on her PlayStation 3, he's convinced that he wants to buy a PS3 so he can have this game. We don't have a gaming system (which would be nice for when he has friends over) and he's got enough saved up to buy a used system. My concern is that there may not be enough kid-friendly (ie-- no first person shooter) games that he might like. He's not into sports; maybe the car/driving games would appeal. I found one game called Katamuri (?) and one other rated E; would like other suggestions for games.

For what it's worth, I did talk to both he and my husband about what other games/variety he would have with the PS3; I'm pretty sure it fell on deaf ears. Since I'm not a gamer, I don't really care necessarily, just wondering if your kids have any favorites within the PS3 system.

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So What Happened?

Hey JB: very interesting perspective on the sports games for non-athletic kids. Thanks for that, esp. the part about social currency with peers. :)

Didn't know the LEGO series was part of the PS3 library. Kiddo will be excited.

Jill K: I'll definitely check out the ones you suggest. Thanks!

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answers from Boston on

We have a million PS3 games and none are first-person shooter. The Mario series is great - Mario Kart, Super Mario, etc. Lots of racing games - various Need for Speed games and other franchises that I forget. The best, though, are the Lego games - Lego Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. Minecraft on PS is amazing - my kids still play that on PS3 even though we now have a PS4 because they have so many worlds built up already. Also, the Disney Infinity games are great. That requires an extra add-on piece of equipment but you can get a used one for short money and it's well worth the investment. Very cool game and you can add on characters over time.

And don't completely pass up the sports games...older versions are often dirt cheap at Game Stop and for kids who aren't into playing sports in real life, playing via video game can be a nice, easy, comfortable way for them to enjoy the gamesmanship of sports without having to physically play, and as an added bonus it can familiarize them with the games themselves, which can be important social currency as one grows older, especially for boys. Not every guy needs to have played football or baseball or whatever, but being familiar enough with the more popular sports to understand the game and talk about it on Monday morning can help people - especially guys - connect with each other in social and work settings. I know he's still young but as I've watched my young adult son grow up, I was often struck by how important knowledge of sports was in a lot of settings. He only likes one sport and it took him until age 10 to find that, but he knows enough about the others to join in the sports banter at work or school or parties and most of that knowledge comes from having played FIFA or Madden or NCAA whatever games.

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answers from Wausau on

Playstation E-rated games include the Rachet & Clank series, 3D Dot Hero, Skylanders series (requires additional purchases).

There are a ton of sports games, music related games, and some family-play group games. The enjoyment of those categories depends on individual interest.

We have a PS and a Wii, and there are far more E rated kid/family games on for Wii, but not Little Big Planet (which is a great game series).

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answers from Washington DC on

I would go in to GameStop and tell them what you are looking for. They have always been super helpful with us in figuring out what games are good fits for our kids and their interests.

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